Memoir of “An Ideal Boss and A Mentor Everyone Would Wish to Have in Life”

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This book, “Ahead of Times — The passionate journey of a Superstar – Palem Srikanth” is all about celebrating the life of Palem Srikanth Reddy, the author’s boss during his initial career days who later turned into friend-philosopher-guide-mentor for him and many others.

In the author’s words, “This book is my real-life experience of being with a wonderful professional, a marvellous human being, and my great friend Palem Srikanth. Ahead of Times is my tribute to Palem who has been highly influential during most of my life. As a debut author, I tried my best to narrate my inspirational journey with Palem. My tribute will shine if the readers of this book find motivation and inspiration to do complex solutions most simply by inculcating Palem’s way of life.”

Palem Srikanth as a Boss

The author first met Palem in Emery Worldwide India as his interviewer and in no time got smitten by the down-to-earth, welcoming, and frank personality of this MD of the company. With every employee, Palem had always been compassionate, and empathetic and always tried his best to boost their morale. That is why every Friday after office hours, his thrown party at TGIF held a special significance.

His uniqueness lay within his way of explaining things, beginning with an anecdote and then pointwise highlighting the necessary. As a friend and colleague, he always cared for the physical, economical, and mental well-being of his colleagues and often extended his hand of assistance beyond the limits of the office campus.

Palem considered wealth generation for the employees one of the most important objectives of running an organization. His driver, his secretaries, and most of the employees were allotted company shares. He used to say, “My employees should be able to buy flats or cars, whatever they want.” In trying times, he even cautioned the financial officers to plan strategies for managing finance in such a way that employees’ salaries are not compromised.

But to think that he was a weak leader would be a misrepresentation. He mingled well with the employees and looked after their wellbeing, but that never came in way of reprimanding, rebuking or penalizing a casual or careless worker. He threw challenges in front of his colleagues, discussed strategies, and inspired them to explore opportunities and reach their goals by telling things such as, “I am more than sure that if you invest some time in planning, you can do it by tomorrow!” and at the same time provided moral support eased stress saying, “Call me whenever you need help.”

That one statement was so powerful that people knew Palem Sir is there to help rather than to scold. Once a task was assigned with full clarity, he used to trust his peers so much that the author and others took the challenge and found ways of getting the task completed.

Palem Srikanth as a Politician and Philanthropist

Social work and philanthropy ran in the genes of Palem Srikanth Reddy. He was the son of Ex-honourable Chief Justice P.C. Reddy who has done a lot for raising girl children from the economically weaker sections of society by providing scholarships through his family trust Justice PC Reddy Trust. Even Palem’s mother, wife, and siblings were into social welfare also. Through the trust, they did their best as a common man to uphold women’s education, sponsoring scholarships to needy students, etc. But Palem felt this was not enough. Some powers were needed to avoid corruption and serve the people seamlessly. He wished to broaden the radius of the service and benefit more and more people.

With this intention in mind, Palem Srikanth entered public life by joining Telugu Desam Party in 2007 and was extensively involved in transforming the state with the involvement of professionals and youth in politics. He contested for the Kadapa Lok Sabha seat in 2009, but lost to Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, a Congress nominee then. But throughout his days of election rallies, he got to see the villages, and states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana at the grassroots level. His inimitable nature of striking up a kinship with strangers drew him close to unfortunate and downtrodden people. Even though he lost the election, those people did not lose faith in him. They would flock in numbers in front of his house and he would do his best to support them. Later, Srikanth established his own political party called “Janapalana”.

This gem of a person lost his life due to coronavirus in Hyderabad in August 2020.

Few Words About the Author

Biju. S. Nair is the Global CFO of Prolifics Corporation Limited. Biju’s immense experience in various areas includes 30 years of corporate finance experience, serving at strategic leadership level across global organizations. Biju’s expertise in mergers and acquisitions across geographies has always helped organizations grow multi-fold. Prior to Prolifics, Biju was the COO and CFO of Four Soft Limited, a listed company founded by Palem Srikanth Reddy.

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