A Book For Friendship- A Review Of “Friends Forever”

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Friendships are Precious

Friendship enriches our lives in many ways. Friends can give us both practical and emotional support when we need it. Some studies state that there are a number of emotional and physical health benefits of friendships- the more people prioritize friendships, the happier and healthier they become. Making friends with a person itself is a wonderful feeling. Life is incomplete without friendships, they make you laugh while you are sad, and will also pat your back when you have some good news. Because of these things, they feature prominent roles in people’s most cherished recollections. Friendships ease stress, brings comfort and delight, and keep one away from feeling lonely and alone. Friendships are free of judgement, one can be completely themselves in a meaningful friendship bond since they are free of any grasping concerns of judgement. While friendship has all these pros, making good friends is not an easy task. Finding true friends takes great time and patience, there are only a few people with whom one is close enough to speak about everything, whether it’s something of great joy or something which brings great sorrow to them.

Poems for Every Friendship

Jay Chakrabarty is a national best-seller author, poet, singer, film director, film producer, music composer, TV host, scriptwriter, Travel video blogger and entrepreneur. He co-authored “Friends Forever” with Jyotsnaa Dubey and this book is full of poems about friendship. This book is a collection of Hindi poems, which explains and celebrates the everlasting bond and memories that every friend shares. This book defines friendship in all its aspects, from the happiness one gets in making a new friend to the serene joys of longtime devotion. This book defines every kind of friendship, whether it’s the best friend, lost friends, dear friends, false friends or even animal friends. This book is undoubtedly the best gift for any friend to make them feel special and loved.

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