Book Review: I Wish I Were There by Sapeksh Sharma

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I Wish I Were There announces Sapeksh Sharma’s arrival to the forefront among the contemporary authors. The novel traces the journey of nineteen-year-old Dinaz as she tries to find answers that concern her own existence. But wait! Don’t even think that it is another one of those run-of-the-mill stories that philosophizes on life! The readers will never be left waiting for something to happen. This is largely due to the narrative that does not stagnate. It takes the readers along with it from the crowded ghats of Kolkata to the beautiful peaks of Manali!

It must be mentioned that I Wish I Were There is as much of an emotional experience as it is psychological. The name of the book suggests the concept of longing or desire. Once you have read the novel from cover to cover, you will be left amazed at the countless shapes that desire can take! In the end, we are left to question the ride that we experience. It will not take the readers long before they understand that it has been life, all along! Sapeksh Sharma does not dally with the themes of love and relationship. It is evident in the manner he deals with the subjects. He deftly couples the art of storytelling with the reverence that such topics deserve.

As it depicts the journey of life, the readers are sure to expect the same in all its brutality. This is, probably, the only aspect of the story that could’ve been approached differently. Toward the end, the pieces fall into place in a mesmerizing turn of events. The story concludes with immense hope as the protagonist finds the greatest link to her past. However, it must be borne in mind whether all such stories in life end on a happy note.

Powered by 24by7 Publishing, the book also boasts of an excellent cover art and a high-quality print on paper. It becomes evident the moment you hold it in your hands that the book is a product of international standard. At no point will the buyer regret the components that have constituted the book!

I Wish I Were There makes for a wonderful read. It is fiction that has the power to touch and change lives!

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