Every Student Of 10th Standard Needs This Maths Book!

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A Must-Have For Students

Mathematics Question Bank, Class X, For All Board Examinations (Term 2) contains mathematic problems for Class X students from all boards, including CBSE, ICSE, and State Board Aspirants. This book covers a wide range of topics, from trigonometry to probability, and is a one-stop product for any student. Author Shikha Yadav has handcrafted it with handpicked mathematic challenges. It is a crucial moment for all tenth-grade students, as it is board year, and they must be properly prepared for all subjects. Mathematics is one such topic in which many students have difficulty understanding and solving the problems. To make it easy for the pupils, this book provides clear and understandable answers to each question.

Provides A Solution For Every Student

The author of this book, Shikha Yadav is a well-known personality in the education world. She has been a faculty of the maths Olympiad for the past few years and has also been associated with renowned organizations like SMC, INC, IGNOU and New Horizon. Shikha Yadav aspires to reach more and more students via both digital and publication platforms. She wants to help out both secondary and senior secondary students. Her vision is to make mathematics understandable for every student and provide them with simple solutions. Her extensive experience in the field of education works as a guiding path for many students.

This book has 6 chapters. Each chapter contains examples with illustrations for a better understanding of the students. These chapters have a number of Previous year questions, which are handpicked to cover most of the important and frequently asked questions in the exam, the questions are then explained thoroughly in the Question with Hint category. The chapters also have a Question with Answer for practice section which makes it easier for the students to solve the problems. All in all, the mathematical problems and explanations are put in a very simple and understandable manner, to cater for the need of every student, appearing for their board exam.

This book aims to encourage students and make their preparation much stronger with frequent revisions and a better understanding of the questions, thus boosting their energy.

This book is available on all the leading platforms such as Amazon.in, Flipkart, as well as 24by7 Publishing Online. This eBook is also available on most online platforms such as Amazon Kindle.

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