Emotive box with a touch rendered by Midas: Whatever is clung close to has the power to translate itself into gold.

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There is a strange thing about solitude. It can run and yet tiptoe as we hold on to our — emotive sensibilities. Amazement is another aspect that needs to be celebrated when it comes down to instilling the profundity of emotions.

Poetry has the power to transport you to a different realm. Where you will find yourself entering a realm that happens to be essentially relevant and yet uniquely its own. It is all about the exploration of what is possible and how it is possible. Poetry can consequently arrive at you and thereby transform you. With a speckle of joy in the face of roaring animosity — the escapade will be what they call in French alléchant.

A Bouquet of Emotions by Rajani Nair

A Bouquet of Emotions is a collection where meaning-sound intersect. The author beautifully traces the arcs of love, illness, loss, nature, and certain serendipitous moments. These writings appear to carry aesthetic consequences in the best way possible. How Mrs Rajini Nair managed to weave so much in a single collection that in turn remained inviting and accessible, is a feat unto itself.

This collection offers the readers an almost kinesthetic experience. That, in turn, is infused with imaginings and memories. The arcades that the poem treads on often appears to be mysterious. Still, it is the brevity concerning the poems that consequently opens them; thereby it unifies the readers concerning the poet’s search for the little joys in life.

Literal Imagery in Nair’s Poetry

Mrs Rajini Nair’s poetry dwells in spaces concerning paradox. She seeks out the metaphors, words, and images that appear to capture both the desperate cry of human experience and the peaceful stillness of snow. The poems are imagistic and yet beautiful, thereby weaves moments of melancholy and reverie.

The landscape that Mrs Nair paints is most often relatable: severe yet sensual, solid yet sinuous, intangible, inscrutable, and languorous. With almost a Sphinx-like and a sun-soaked smile. The constant movement of these poems’ bustling activity is only matched by Mrs Nair’s flair that she attends to her reporting of them.

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About Author: Rajani Nair is a polyglot Malayali who was born in suburban Mumbai in 1974 and acquired her B.Com. degree from Mumbai University. As an IAF aspirant cleared her 07 SSC (Flying branch) SSB interview in 1995 but not her medicals. Over 18 years of experience in Training, Quality, Operations and Customer Service from working with major MNCs. Has been the ‘HOD of English and SSC (Std 3 to 5)’ since 2016. A ‘Poet by Chance’ is now a ‘Poet by Choice’. This is a dedication to Darshan Raval, based on his Instagram photographs. Each poem has a small note because I cannot use photographs. It is like a game – Find the Match! Enjoy raiding his Instagram and reliving the moments!

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