The dreadful plight: Aggravation of consumerism sabotages the efficient functioning of life.

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The typical capitalistic milieu pertaining to the utilitarian ethos shows how the resources are growing scarcer and scarcer with the amplification of consumerism.

Sharad Kumar Goel talks about consumerism

Mr Sharad Goel who has been a management professional for over 35 years weaves this book in order to provide an insight to the readers about the ecological issues. The economical perspective relating to extraction and consumption has been stated throughout the book. Mr. Goel goes on to talk about the aspect of happiness, and how human beings are satiated by their acquiring of external resources. The philosophical aspect fuses with the economical perspective, thereby providing a framework for the understanding of Meta Economics.

Sharad Kumar Goel’s approach

The book talks about the consumption of natural as well as technological resources. It furthermore, reinstates the void that stands as a major constraint that propagates up to get formulated in the form of certain ecological issues. Sharad has put to usage all the impediments that he had been subjected to and guides the readers to instill the basic action plan for restraining such global issues relating to ecology. Adding up to the scenario of global warming, the follow up sabotaging process keeps pacing up at an ensuing rate. Therefore, Mr. Goel asks the readers to harbor the question of bringing up the solution to such issues.

The most interesting part of this book happens to be the persistently recurring question of what satisfies/dissatisfies oneself. Therefore, consumerism as Mr. Goel believes should not in any way satiate the individual self at the expense of others.  This book is available on all the leading platforms such as, Flipkart, as well as 24by7 Publishing Online Store. This eBook is also available on most of the online platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

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About Author: Sharad Kumar Goel is an engineer by profession. He has been able to write at length about his realization in his new book Consumerism the Simplicity & Our Home Earth published by We, at, found an opportunity to interview the author and seized it! Read on to find out more about how he has been able to formulate the relationship between consumerism and ecological issues. His work can even help us find a better tomorrow!

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