Interview with Author Dolly Jha

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Dolly fell in love with Sanskrit quite early when as a child she found herself mesmerized by the wonderfully enchanting voice of her father as he sang beautiful bhaavpoorna stotras to Shiv and Durga each day.
Charmed by the language, she herself studied Sanskrit as a subject all the way from middle school to Higher Secondary. And when she became mother to a beautiful little daughter, she felt an irresistible urge to help kickstart the academic journey of her tiny one with the study of one of the most advanced languages of all times.
And, that’s how this book came into being.

  • Tell us something about yourself.

I am a home-maker who runs a YouTube channel, Om Incense Show, where I teach all about incense making. And, with this book, I have become a first-time author now.

  • What compelled you to write this book?

Born into a family of Sanskrit literati, I had always wanted my child to learn Sanskrit from a very tender age; but when it was time I realized that in this country where Sanskrit was born no book exists to serve my purpose and that’s when I decided to write one myself.

The Sanskrit books that we have in the market here are only for kids from Class 5 or Class 6 onwards and that’s not something that a small child would find interesting to look at. So, I had to come up with a fully coloured book with cute pictures and easy-to-pronounce words in it.

  • From how long have you been writing this book? What challenges did you face while writing?

I wrote this book in a month’s time. The challenges are the same that any home-maker faces, that of time. I had to literally burn midnight oil to get this book ready for publishing. Another very crucial challenge was to select words which could be paired with pictures that kids would relate to. It was important to include words that would be easy for both kids and parents to pronounce. It had to be a book that the kids would like to hold in their hands again and again. So, by far, the mostly challenging part of creating the book was to make it enticing, entertaining and educative.

  • What is the most memorable moment for you throughout the journey of the book?

The entire journey is memorable. It was a journey of blood, sweat and tears literally. There were times when I would be so frustrated I felt like giving up but then destiny took over.

  • Is writing your hobby or passion?

Writing is my passion.

  • Are you planning to write again?

Yes, there’ll be a series to complement this book.

  • Do you believe that when author dies a reader is born?

I believe they both co-exist happily and lovingly.

  • For you, what is literary success?

Besides being a bestseller in my category, I would consider myself successful if this book can give a mind shift to parents and if we really did start teaching Sanskrit to our kids as organically as we teach them German, French or Spanish.

  • Do you have any piece of advice for the budding authors out there?

I want them all to know that the journey is going to be extremely frustrating but the end will be worth it, so don’t give up. Patience is your best friend here.

  • What it’s like to be with 24by7 Publishing?

I wouldn’t have published this book if it wasn’t for the support lent to me by this team. They are wonderful people to work with.

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