Interview with Author Dr. Barnali Sikder

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Meet Dr. Barnali Sikder! She is the esteemed author of Womanhood and Marginality powered by It goes without saying that the book deals with pertinent issues concerning gender with reference to the works of R. K. Narayan. The present scenario all around the globe is such that there is an urgent need to put more emphasis on the sector of gender and politics. had a session with the author. Here is what she had to say…

  • Tell us something about yourself.

I’m an Assistant professor. I teach literature. Teaching is my profession and reading is my habit. Being the mother of two, it’s really tough to get with the flow of writing. It is out of passion that I snatch out time to indulge myself into the realm of writing.

  • What do you think prompted you to write this book?

It is the devouring truth of violence against women that I have witnessed in different phases of my life which has motivated me to reread literature and write about women’s position in them.

  • How long did it take you to write this book?

It took nearly eight months to complete the book.

  • Is this the first time you have been published?

Yes, this is the first time I have been published.

  • How has been the experience of becoming a published writer so far?

It’s like a dream come true.

  • Can you say something about the idea or concept to our readers?

For this book, I chose five novels written by R. K. Narayan and tried to explore his portrayal of women characters in them. Here I have highlighted Narayan’s effort to project the marginalized and subjugated women characters in an indirect but apt manner. It’s interesting to see that Narayan has tactfully handled the minimal space given to women in a traditionally patriarchal society. So in this book, I have concentrated on Narayan’s approach in dealing with the condition of women in his fictional world.

  • There are many people like you who would want to become a published author. What advice would you like to give them?

My advice for them would be “follow your dream”.

  • What has been your schedule like in the months leading up to getting the manuscript ready for publishing? Did you follow any specific routine to write your book?

I didn’t follow any specific routine. I used to write according to the availability of time.

  • Do you plan to work on any new books in the near future? Would you consider shifting from the present genre?

Yes, currently I am working on poetry. I am planning to publish it soon. Certainly, I cannot limit myself. Definitely I’ll shift from the present genre.

  • How has 24by7 Publishing assisted you through the publishing process?

Publishing with 24by7 Publishing has been a great experience so far. 24by7 Publishing has assisted me in every step of becoming a published writer.

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