Interview with Author Rituparna Ray Chaudhuri

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The Author’s recognition pertaining to English and British Literature as an Educationist, Essayist, and Critic made her earn international acclamations at different websites. This is marked by the appearance of her book ‘Realization’ (‘War of Thrones’) from the USA for Academic Research. In the year; 2019, her recent historical-biography book on her Late Mother was published internationally from the USA-UK, her Late Mother was published internationally from the USA-UK, ‘The Immortal Fly: Eternal Whispers’ (The Book that Touched Millions/Based on True Events of a Family). Apart from that, her name is distributed widely as a Teacher mainly on teaching British Literature.

  • Tell us something about yourself.

Born and brought up in South Calcutta, later to become a persisting educationist in English and British Literature along with Google Scholar, Author of Partridge International (USA) in association with Penguin Random House (UK) and later on getting an opportunity exposing images of books at Oxford (Park Street, Kolkata).

  • What compelled you to write this book?

As a private teacher of higher classes on the subject, mainly, I received from learners there is nothing a proper understanding on procedures to develop an answer, with exponent views, thoughts and feelings respectively, except to be dominated along-with certain workbooks on examination purposes. This compelled me to write the book, just, in a different way.

  • From how long have you been writing this book? What challenges did you face while writing?

I had started my writing in the month of January 2021.

Of challenges as far, even still now, I met that an easy route is being always tried and adaptable rather than self-thoughts on analyzing particular matter of the subject.

  • What is the most memorable moment for you throughout the journey of the book?

I was very much cautious on choosing the cover page of the book meaningfully to each and every poem of both English and British Literature inside, and making my publisher be acquainted able to my ideas and thoughts on composing the book, mostly proved to be an unforgettable moment for me.

  • Is writing your hobby or passion?

Methinks always, “Writing has become my passion. The setting of my idea on any topic is now my impulse. The analysis is my rhythm. Literature is in my blood.’’

  • Are you planning to write again?

Sure, but not exactly articulate.

  • Do you believe that when author dies a reader is born?

“Perseverance labor is always needed.”

  • For you, what is literary success?

Works of art with letters mostly are to me a definition of literary success.

  • Do you have any piece of advice for the budding authors out there?

It’s not essential to be a writer using lots of vocabulary words. According to me, it is important to own feelings, perception, and perspective thoughts which can be expressed very generally even though you are not a word finder. However, to become an author takes time.

  • What it’s like to be with 24by7 Publishing?

Creative Style is a criterion that requires a lot to reach an author. This thing I am intensely very impressed with my first-time publication from Kolkata, 24by7 Publishing, in 2021.

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