Phone Farming: The Snares of Social Media!

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Any idea about Phone Farming?!

Phone farming is a way to earn money by running video clips, applications and websites. It is a way to enhance the advertisement of one product or application or website. By the grace of Mark Zuckerberg, we now have Facebook and Instagram as the major social media platforms to promote and advertise every deal of life!

Phone farming has been gaining more power with time because of the increase in number of people on social media. Social media websites not only help to promote phone farming, but it also enables more people to earn money. However, one must never forget how phone farming can actually pave the way for the biggest scams.

Phone Farming: Perk or Detriment?

Through phone farming, one can earn a decent amount of money for their day-to-day lives. Though it is not huge, but it can suffice the unemployed ones. Now it is interesting to see how a single person can totally influence the market. With phone farming, one is equal to a mass as a single person can use 100 phones in order to establish a piece of information irrespective of its truthfulness. With larger viewing you earn more money.

Now, when a person is seeking for genuine reviews, they are directed by those which at times are fabricated. These fake reviews influence people to believe in the applications or websites which spread rumors for unethical gains. This trend can be identified in contemporary politics as well!

Ever thought how these affect our daily life?

Each day starts with more people joining social media and sharing stuff they read. Now, how many times have we delved deep enough to investigate if the news or information we are sharing are true at all? In most of the cases, we just share for the sake of sharing and being the most updated ones. When Uncle Ben in Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility,” people made memes out of that, but isn’t it the most important lesson to learn for the present generation?

Don’t share everything; share what’s relevant! Remember, a single click can affect a thousand lives. Be the spark of Hope, not the spark to kill.

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