Some fresh short stories – A review of Timothy’s Garden

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A floodlight in the darkness would create an effect on the minds of the people who would be transported to the world of light. When a new writer starts his venture there are a lot of expectations from him. Mr. Chatterjee’s book is a collection of eight short stories. The first one is quite a refreshing story of binding a relationship on one hand and leaving someone who matters much in the life of the girl. The second one is about a learned man who leaves his parents to pursue his higher ambitions. The third one deals with a lost child who goes for a ride in the fair. We feel emptiness all around when our parents die. This has been reflected crisply in the next chapter. The fifth chapter is about the classroom dialogue between a boy and a girl during the covid situation. ‘The backbone’ is a story about a man and two women are trying to find a new definition of human relationships. Are we all sold off in the ‘market’? It can be realized if we browse through the next story. The final story has a detective yarn. And a new detective Duttababu is at work finding out clues for lost relics and much more.

Chatterjee’s techniques include short sentences. The stories are thought-provoking and have a twist in the end. Though it is a short collection, it is worth buying.

On the whole, the stories are quite enjoyable and there are more expectations from him for the upcoming book The Buddha Convergence.

This is available in 24by7 Publishing, Amazon, Amazon Kindle, and Flipkart.

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