To tread on the evanescent dreamscape: Journeying across the monochromatic vignettes can be coloured with time

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Tales of prince and princess often carry a boring tone relating to its inception as generally it goes something like “Once upon a time, in a land far far away,” etc. These are the things that are generally in line with conventional forms. So the form has been discarded and a tale of the Kingdom Mayapuri is recounted with a concise overture.

Bengal steps into Magic Realism

In this book, the genius of Bidyut’s understanding of magical realism is witnessed in freshness. The way he writes the novel leaves the readers completely glued to their seats. In the middle of a stormy night, a door appears on a desolate street filled with stray dogs who are awed at its sight. Amidst the barking, comes out two women and one man adorned with royal clothes.

Each of the two women held a child in their arms while the man carried a sword. From across the door, a spear pierces one of the women leaving her dead. What happens next is left for you to find out.

Illusion and its Mind-Boggling Effect!

Bidyut’s novel is inventive and experimental in structure and style, but none the less powerful and less involving for that. The lucid language makes a point of leaving the readers with their own share of imaginative work that they can do. The narratives are ingeniously interwoven. The narrative has been handled with such a deftness of touch that keeps the readers hooked-perpetually on their toes. Bidyut Mondal comes out as a highly adventurous and distinctive writer whose work should find many admirers.

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