Why do I think Modi is the greatest manipulator

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Modi the manipulator: Using Gandhi, Bhakts & other factors

I think Modi is the greatest manipulator I have ever seen. Why so? Let us look at few instances.

Modi praises Gandhi to get the political Modi praises Gandhi to get the political benefits from this and simultaneously he get political benefits from the haters of Gandhi. The haters of Gandhi and Modi's Bhakts admire Godse and condemn Gandhi and PM of India just ignore them to disrespect father of the nation. And I am surprised when his Bhakts abuse people for asking or condemning Modi for any action. What a hypocrisy!
Similarly, this attitude of him can be seen in many cases like cow slaughter or Chinese market in India or in many other incidents.

Service Tax, GST and more

Another example of his manipulation is service tax, he and BJP opposed service tax when Congress was applying it and in these three ruling years, the service tax has been increased from 10% to 18%, almost double. After demonetization, when people were asking about the increased rates at restaurants then, Mr. PM said them to pay only when they desire to pay otherwise they can refuse to pay the service tax at restaurants. What a clever response!
Nobody asked then that what about paying for insurance where service tax is the main or the only tax to pay for.
It is also manipulation when the government applied separate State GST and Central GST in the name of GST.

Did Modi change the Indian politics using Demonetization?

People say that he changed Indian politics. Yes, I agree he changed, he changed, the old politicians looted directly and built property in their name or in the name of family members but now politicians just work for corporate and in response corporate looks after all the political expenses. Yes, politics changed and changed into a brotherhood of politicians and corporates.
I see demonetization as the biggest manipulation drive. When demonetization was done, BJP government was encircled by many questions, like what the government had done regarding employment, corruption, or terrorism etc. And, the incompetence was there to solve these problems. They didn't know what to do, and because of this incompetence a cheap solution (solution in BJP's opinion) was selected, which could also be used for the branding of BJP and Modi, and the step could also lead BJP to win Uttar Pradesh election. That cheap step was
I called demonetization as a manipulation drive because the drive shifted the citizen's attention
from crucial issues like corruption or terrorism and produced an illusion that other governments so far were not serious about these issues and BJP government is taking the risk, which can lead to defeat in Uttar Pradesh election and in spite of the risk, the government is doing something to solve the problem of corruption, which no previous governments have done.
The demonetization was just a branding method to make BJP and Modi a brand and nothing more than that.
And it can be seen easily, how scholars like Amartya Sen or Raghuram Rajan were neglected for opposing demonetization and condemning the step along with the whole process. It was also a manipulation that the most learned people of the nation lead to back-foot by illiterate followers of BJP by condemning intellectuals and calling them as anti-nationals. A social media drive was projected to defame the intellects by calling them anti-nationals. No nation can progress if the intellectuals belonging to the nation are not respected and not asked for solutions to crucial issues. If any nation has to solve problems then it should turn the eyes towards intellects for the solutions. Instead, BJP government took the step of demonetization and lead India to unemployment and economic disaster. To overcome this economic disaster India will take at least ten more years of the implementation of good economic and industrial policies, which seems to be a difficult job.

Demonetization and the elementary questions

Now the big question is that how new jobs can be created, but before that we have to answer the already existing crisis of job. The reason behind is the failure of the government policies or I would say that they didn't have any policy for development.
The jobs created in a nation is directly influenced by creativity increased, and creativity is decreasing here because of fanatic ideologies influencing the youth. Ideologies are hurdles for creativity as any type of ideology provides a set pattern of thinking and produce think-alike humans who can't change their mindset. And these types of humans are the hurdles towards creativity. For a creative human culture to exist and to produce more creative thinkers human has to become more open-minded and fanaticism is not going to serve the purpose.
These are the reasons why this government is not serving the purpose. Because of these manipulations, the social insensitivity is growing. When someone becomes rude because of any reason
he or she may become rude for another one. More than a hundred persons died because of demonetization but no big reaction came out of the society. Isn't the society becoming
insensitivity. The reason behind is the growing devotion on a particular type of culture. Indians were more open-minded people, even a lot more progressive than west. But the imposition of a particular type of ideology is changing the scene and sensitivity is at the loss.
The reason behind is the increasing social and governmental interference in every aspect of life.
The day-wise calculations of petrol price is another example of manipulation so that they can able to hide the hike in price. What an idea Sirji.

Where is my freedom to ask questions?

Modi knows how to manipulate. But, I have a problem, that I should at least have the freedom to ask. Why is anybody going to kill my freedom to ask questions? I must have the freedom to ask questions from a government I have elected.
Note: This article is written for making people more aware of the facts and the views here are solely mine. The article is not written to hurt anybody’s or community’s or political party’s
sentiments. It is also a fact that there are good people in every political party and system. The article is written for building an awareness among people that only creativity can save any country.


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