Beatboxing to Glory

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Arkajyoti Ghosh studies in Kalyani Public School. He is very passionate about beatboxing. took some time to find out more about the young talent. It was our first encounter with such a young beatboxer. Our conversation with Arko (as near and dear ones call him) led us to wonderful revelations!

Arkajyoti is from Kolkata. He has been pursuing his passion for beatboxing from a young age. We came across him at a time when he was waiting for his results. From discovering the hidden talent in him to impressing his buddies and mesmerizing audiences on stage, Arko has done it all.

In this interview, the young talent has opened up about how this form of hip-hop has helped him in life. Moreover, he also says that belonging to a family of musicians and classical singers has helped him in realizing his passion. Apart from the personal, Arko gives us an insight into the world of hip-hop—beatboxing to be specific. He compares the international scenario with what is actually happening in India. He gives us his opinion on how the form of art has been taking shape in the country and what it means for the future generations of beatboxers. Find out more about Arkajyoti and his exciting journey through this wonderful session. Not just that, he also gives a demonstration of his talent for all our viewers! Go ahead and dig in, but don’t forget to follow our posts for more exciting content in the future.


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