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Kakatua is the successful author of the four well-written books Salil Samadhi, Kakatuar Kobita, Bhorer Bhromor, and Sonar Swopno. The author is talented in perceiving human nature. In all these books, the author never failed to amaze us with his in-depth analysis of human as an entity.

Human beings are complicated creatures; they are God’s fine creation who are much advanced than any other beings on Earth; not only are they wise but also excel in showing heinous negative traits. Kakatua delved deeper in this human psyche. In all his books, he brilliantly brought out this dual nature of a naïve mortal human.

Each of his books tells a unique story. Salil Samadhi describes the journey of an individual from boyhood to becoming a responsible adult. Kakatuar Kobita brings to you poems of varied taste, Bhrorer Bhromor is an astounding detective story and will enliven your faith in the Almighty, and Sonar Swopno tells the story of a man who decides to challenge his destiny.

Kakatua’s books are worthy of mention for another poignant point, that is, in all his books he gave a stunning description of Nature as an enchantress. In Salil Samadhi, you will find yourself in the busy streets of the renowned cities of India, especially Kolkata; in Bhrorer Bhromor, you will find yourself in the mesmerizing landscapes of Assam; and in Sonar Swopno, you will find yourself wandering around the great deserts of Rajasthan. It is amazing how he describes these places with every minute detail.

He is humble enough to call himself a newbie author, but his writing skills well up in all these books. Last but not least, we must not forget the quality of his books. He published all his books from 24by7 Publishing. The binding quality and smoothness of the paper are worthy of mention. It is always amazing to flip through the pages of a well-designed book which has no loose end to it.

It is highly recommended to buy these books if you want to have a different change of pace and change in taste. Human relationships and the cycle of life are beautifully portrayed in all his books. It is guaranteed that Kakatua’s books will definitely leave you craving for more!

Binding Type Perfect Binding
Language Bengali

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