Book Review: Tulsiprasad Bandhopadhyay – The Next MLA! by Sudeep Satheesan

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As you pick up this book, you will immediately be amazed by the book title: Tulsiprasad Bandhopadhyay – The Next MLA! We must agree that the author, Sudeep Satheesan, has brilliantly showed his humorous nature by coming up with such a peculiar and exciting title for his book. The name itself kindles interest within a reader’s mind. First, I must tell you one thing; as you flip through the pages, you will become completely keen on reaching the end. You can never put the book down once you start reading it. This book is a perfect example of modern-day satire mixed with tickling humor and picturesque description.

Our protagonist Tulsiprasad Bandhopadhyay, aka Bandu, is a rebel of today’s generation. In spite of being continuously scolded and rebuked by his father, Bandu never gave up hope of doing something out of the box. No matter how much he was considered as a laughing stock by his frustrated know-it-all father, he never thought of himself as some next-door commoner. And thus a prediction was made by an astrologer, which left many open-mouthed, especially his father who was irritated to no end when the astrologer said that his good-for-nothing Bandu has a raj-yog! Now the question is can Bandu reach his raj-yog, which can also be called Mantri-yog in today’s generation?

This is a story of an adventurous journey of two youths, Bandu and Ronak. As they travel through the lanes of different cities of India, they hurl head-on into some spine-tingling actions which make the audience gape in amazement and horror. The readers are left spellbound with utter amazement seeing two ordinary boys, who looked nothing but like innocent weaklings, become such rash ruffians as well as con artists! The journey to reach the raj-yog is treacherous, but the golden bond of friendship of these two youths sparkled all along. Pick up the book and come face to face with the present true scenario of the Indian society engulfed in a political fog.

This book is powered by 24by7 Publishing and all will be deeply satisfied by its international quality. The cover is so engrossing as if magically telling the whole story in a nutshell. This book is a must read for all who want to enjoy light humor and intellectual friendly satire.

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