A Book Specially Crafted For Kids!

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A Must-Read For Kids

“D & S Club” revolves around the daily life of Clara and her companions. She runs a dairy that her mother recently purchased for her. She records all of her daily activities with her friends in this diary. To make it more engaging, she has included brief introductions of each of her friends in the first pages of her diary. Clara’s diary begins with her first day of middle school, where she meets all of her friends. She also mentions how she and her friends won a bet in third grade and were able to rename their male friends. The story is about how Clara and her friends want to get enlisted in the newly opened Dancing and Singing Club, and how they apply and get selected. This book is the most appropriate for children because the stories are humorous, the author chose to write the book in simple language, making it suitable for youngsters, and has included illustrations on every page to grab their attention.

It Has Real Kid Scenarios

Vitasta Jyotirmaya doesn’t use any dreamy fake stuff like other books, rather she uses day-to-day scenarios which can happen in the life of any kid, which makes it even more appealing to them. The content of the book is presented in the form of a diary, with hand-drawn cartoon characters on every page, which gives a reader a clear image of what is happening and prevents them from getting bored. The author narrates simple yet funny stories, from the life of Clara as a middle school student. Every character of the story has its own unique characteristic. Clara, who’s a fun, sporty, furious girl is the main character, Nicole, who according to Clara has the exact personality as her, Noah is someone who studies for just one night before the exams but still manages to get score pretty good marks every time, Chris is Clara’s brother and helps her out every time she needs help, Liam and Kate are brothers and sisters, who own one of the biggest houses in the country, Liam is a genius and is Chris’s partner while, Kate is an influencer, who loves dancing and singing and has a very melodious voice. These characters make the story even more fun. This book can influence the readers, to make them write a diary as Clara does. Writing a diary will make the children familiar with writing, and so it will also increase their writing skills.

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