A Book About Why 90% Of The Start-Ups Fail

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Why Start-Ups Fail?

“FALL: 16 Reasons why 90% of Start-ups Fail” is a book written for both experienced and upcoming entrepreneurs to either build or strengthen their businesses in a successful manner. It gives elaborate examples and causes of why most start-ups fail. Everyone wants to talk about their successful businesses, achievements and other positive things, but Michael W. Harrison is the first one to talk about the failures in his book.

According to him, acknowledging failure, learning from defeat and accepting the consequences of a bad decision are the best ways to learn and develop oneself and one’s business. In this rapidly changing world of start-ups, many things changes but the value of documents remains the same. This book gives a guideline for avoiding common mistakes which people make while running a business like- understanding the importance of funding, ensuring that the wrong product, market, team and partners are not built, making sure that the timing for everything is correct, researching more about the competitors to avoid failure, having less focus, concentration and energy can cause failure, Avoiding customer complaints and reviews can cause a great downfall, not taking marketing and strategies seriously can result in collapse etc.

The Author’s Extraordinary Achievements

Dr. Michael W Harrison is an information technology advisor, executive, investor and founder, who worked for around 30 years in renowned companies Microsoft, NCR etc. He completed his under graduations in mathematics & computer science and his post-graduation in technology management and also did a number of recognizable internships. He is also a member of the Geological Society of London. Dr. Harrison was awarded and holds life membership in Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education. Dr. Harrison currently lives in Singapore with his wife of 15 years and their 14 years old daughter.

This book is available on all the leading platforms such as Amazon.in, Flipkart, as well as 24by7 Publishing Online. This eBook is also available on most online platforms such as Amazon Kindle.

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