Book Review – Canvas by Krishna Ghosh

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Author Krishna Ghosh’s book Canvas, which is powered by 24by7 Publishing, takes us on a journey into the forgotten world of togetherness. Today’s world focuses on nuclear families and mechanical lives. This book brings about fresh air in the lives of those who are tired by the mundaneness of everyday life. The author beautifully deals with feelings, love, relationships, misunderstandings, problems, and people, both within and outside the family. She mesmerizingly deals with a lot of stuff which is very relatable to our conditions as we too experience such situations in our daily lives. In simple and smooth language, she successfully gives us the message about how we should and should not do certain things.

The aspect of romance is one of the main reasons why this book will be appealing to everyone. The author was able to beautifully paint the various colors that can be shown by different aspects of love—attraction, passion, respect, and caring. When destiny decided to bring a twist in the plot in the protagonist Sumi’s life, the abandoned orphan became the apple of the eye of the lady of the house of Madhupur Zamindar household. But life was not all delicious coffee and mouth-watering scones for Sumi. She had to go through a transformation to find the inner beauty of her soul. The author creates deep characters and adds elegant settings that can richly overcome any heart with its well-defined heart-wrenching scenes.

But the book has some minor drawbacks as many may consider it to be a stereotype of a typical Indian household. Many may also feel that the book is a bit lengthy and they seem to be lost at one point in time. But if you are patiently able to go through the pages, you will be able to plunge deeper into the realm of this book in no time. The story becomes so intriguing as it progresses that you will be compelled to finish it in one go.

The book has a subtle enchanting aura about it and can grasp anyone’s imagination with its vivid picturesque beauty. The author has definitely done justice to the expectations of the readers. From the beginning till the end, this book is overall light-hearted and a joy to read. In addition, the quality of the book is worth noting. From the book’s binding, printing, and quality of pages, anyone can notice that the publisher has taken great care in making this book and to maintain its international quality. It is definitely a recommended must-read for all book lovers.

Binding Type Perfect Binding (Softcover)
Language Bengali

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