Drip from the brink of life: With the sunrise and the mellowed dawn flows like a stream the mural of words

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The artistic sensibility is infused with a plethora of snippets coming out from the snapshot of life and thereby the output is the resultant effect of those bewildering phenomena. Life willingly trudges into the roaring tides of impediments. This furthermore paves the way for fear and apprehension and eventually this aspect is consequently discarded with time. Art has the power to Trans mutate the foibles that we have clung on to our life for long. Art exudes the reverberatingly profound sensibility thereby allowing us to take shape accordingly.

Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings

Sameksha has been very apprehensive regarding her fear for the ocean and therefore she wanted to overcome that. Life can bring one to their knees. It can bring one lower than one can think of even going. However, if one can stand back up and thereby move forth, maybe just a little farther. Then one will eventually find love. This is exactly what Sameksha aims in attaining; love can change one’s perception and can win over all the odds. There is a strange sense of adoration that he harbors in her heart where she believes that the abyss can eventually wither by the surpassing beauty which has the power to enthrall us.

Author’s Perception

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