Child needs a ‘mother’ not necessarily ‘woman mother’

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On 8th March, 2020, Aditya Tiwari, a resident of Pune, got the ‘World’s Best Mommy’ award. He adopted a baby boy in 2016 with Down syndrome. Being single mother is hard, but did anyone ever talked how hard it is to be mother without the womb? India has been a country that celebrates heroes—mostly, movie stars and soldiers. But what about these heroes? The heroes who broke all those shackles and became a mother to some fortunate beautiful kids who might not have ever felt the love, touch and care of a mother had these heroes not entered into their lives.

Let Maternity be a feeling and not Gender!

A father is always a hero in every child’s mind. A girl always dreams of a husband like her father and a boy always dreams of becoming a father like his who does everything and goes to any extent just to make his family happy. Yet these fathers rarely get the praise they deserve. They are either shrouded by the womanly structure of mother or overshadowed with the orthodox structure of father.

In 21st century, the world speaks freely that household works are and should be gender equal but unfortunately father and mother are still divided by gender roles. As if being a mother or father is also a gender-based role.

What Hindu Mythology spoke…

Devdutt Pattanaik in one of his most celebrated novel, The Pregnant King, wrote about Yuvanashva, a childless king, who accidentally drinks a magic potion meant to make his queens pregnant and gives birth to a son. While reading the novel, readers occasionally questioned Devdutt Pattanaik if giving birth made Yuvanashva a mother or he is still a father but just gave birth? The answer to which was never easy for anyone, for some he became a mother, for some he wasn’t as a man doesn’t have the feelings of a mother just because he gave birth. The debate went on but no one declined the established truth that both men and women are capable of being a mother.

Carnage of Desire

Sangita Aich, a debutant author, beautifully portrays the same fight of man being a father or mother in her book Carnage of Desire. The stories show how our lives depend on decision-makings. The stories revolve around men and their life-changing decisions. It is very crucial to take proper decisions at each and every step of our lives. But at times, the decisions we take not only affect our life but also affects the lives of many other who belong to us or whose life revolves around us. The complexities of human heart and a mesh of shapeless emotions overflow in the pages of the book making the characters of the stories come to life. The twists in the endings leave the readers wondering with mouths agape.

Let’s answer the question with pure love, care and desire!

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About Author: Sangita Aich is a budding author from Mumbai, debuting with this book. She is a banker by profession and storytelling is her forte.
It’s not easy to describe me in few words. There are days when you can call me a fitness freak and there are times when I describe the word foodie. I am a workaholic but super lazy at the same time.
I love to travel though the bucket list is yet to be ticked off.
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