To fixate the mysterious tone: Staggering across the mysterious arcades the inscrutability often lures you.

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Michael Ondaatje once said, “The first sentence of every novel should be: Trust me, this will take time but there is order here, very faint, very human. Meander if you want to get to town.”

This quote rightly reiterates the mysterious course for Soumon Chatterjee’s novel April Fool. The elements that he embeds in his narrative inject the suspenseful attributes in the narrative with vigorous intent. The mystery entails a gradual rise with every chapter, leading to a conundrum that keeps the reader hooked and doesn’t employ indecipherable methods.

Kolkata’s Author gifts a new Sleuth!

The novel recounts the story of Pratik Basu who is the son of a famous IPS officer who is a student at the IIT. He returns to Kolkata during the vacations and lands up in a friend’s house. The narrative thus starts when he discovers that his grandpa house has been ransacked a few days back. However, they are unable to find out what has been stolen. The search thereafter continues leading to a suspenseful narrative.

Young Feluda in the town!

Thereafter, Pratik the protagonist begins his search as he goes on to find the object that has been stolen. Mr Chatterjee skillfully employs the language whenever the change is necessary holding on to the ethos springing in relation to the suspenseful conceit. The mysterious notions are built with each and every chapter that is gripping and yet hauntingly eerie.

This novel is a product of sheer artistic brilliance by Mr Soumon Chatterjee. If you are looking for something gripping that is scintillatingly vigorous then Murder at the Mushaira should top your list right now.

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