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One such question that has existed over time and again is ‘Who am I?’ It is important to ponder the fact, whether there is a singular idea concerning the self in the Indian tradition or not? Though a lot of it from literature and history (philosophy, theology to anthropology) can be seen—as a variety of competing ideas. The ideas relate to the nature of the self.

This is in turn is followed by a related question pertaining to personal identity. It is exactly what the tradition has had to deal with and thereby challenged to bring them under one such unitary conception. It was not until the inception of ātman (i.e. a Transcendental Self concerning Hindu philosophy).

I, Me and Myself: From Soul to Sole

This is exactly where the stable unitary metaphysics is settled upon. However, it is important to understand the fact that this view at the same time can create a problem relating to the mundane experiential self, that happens to be its identity and consciousness. This means the psychological understanding: what or who is the “I” relating to our waking life?

It should be recounted in regards to the story we tell about ourselves as well as in the experience of others? This text draws on the hermeneutical reading of the Indic textual traditions. She traces the ancient, classical, and epic-medieval to that of modern discourses relating to self, no-self, selflessness, non-self, personal identity. Thereby coming to self as Divine, and finally Ātman as Brahman (or maybe Transcendental Unity).

Ātman: The Divine Self

Mousumi Roy with her zealous research and profound sensibility has explored the conceptions of Hindu scriptures. Ranging from the Tao and Tantra of Action to Krishna’s Buddhiyoga: Mrs Roy offers a gamut of a wider range of ideas that readers can easily connect to. The flow of the chapters and the lucidity of the language allows the readers to stay connected and get awed at the brilliance of it.

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