Some falls for Color, Some falls for Human—Hearts are broken anyway

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Maggie Nelson in one of her book launches of Bluest said, “Suppose I were to begin by saying that I had fallen in love with a color….” As it turned out, each poet has a special kind of love for a very special something or someone. No doubt that love is the inspiration for many writers and poets. However, with each different person the meaning of love too is different. For some it is freedom, for some its obsession and for some it is mare illusion that only comes in life to go away. Love has always been a very controversial topic—Maggie Nelson fell for blue color; Jibanananda Das fell for a person who may or may not exist—Bonolata Sen. For both love plays an important role.

Whimsical Love…

Ritika Saha too fell in love. The name for its own good should remain unsaid. When she fell in love, she too spent all those nights talking till late. She too woke up with dark-circled eye. She too missed everything but did not miss a single moment to miss that person, to love that person, to care for that person.

Life was happy, the study table became the source of all those lovely messages and letters. The old-fashioned heart embraced, “Let us go then, you and I, When the evening is spread out against the sky, Like a patient etherized upon a table….” But as they say, “I was happy then life happened.” Unfortunately, for some unavoidable reasons, the love dissipates.

Broken heart gave birth to Poetry!

That’s when Dancing in the Strom took place. She danced in the storms and “every night I cried sitting on my study table, my tears fell on my diary and formed poetries these pages now carry my heart and the scent of my soul in them.” Soon the endless love mutated into desolate pain and endless misery of the heart. She painted an elaborate and honest picture in her book Dancing in the Storms and told the story of every commoner. The book is all about delicate feelings and emotions dealing with the four chapters—love, hurt, strength, and survival—of a person’s life.

The chaos of crowded mornings and the loneliness of the long nights are poles apart. The poetess gives us hope through her verses and explains how nothing is permanent in our life; everything is transient so one must always remember that a dark night will be over and a beautiful dawn will bring new hopes for all of us. The poems are overflowing with honest emotions which cannot be expressed but felt each and every moment of a day.

Let’s find meaning of the pain together and live again not just survive!

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About Author: Ritika Saha is an artist, designer and a poet. She from the very beginning showed interest in art and painting. Her passion was not hidden from her parents so they sent her to art school where she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. Poetry hit her when she started her university in 2015, where experiences led her to write. Ritika wrote and illustrated Dancing in the Storms in her university days.

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