What does DC and Marvel have in common?

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How much do you know about your Superheroes? Brush your cinematic knowledge with these unknown and underlying facts about both the universe.

What do Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark and Oliver Queen have in common? Both are millionaire playboys turned into vigilante trying to fight injustice in their respective cities.

Saving the world with Superpower.

The expiry date of the world might have been much ago had the vigilantes not arrived on time. Be it Iron Man, Captain America, Black Window, Spiderman, or Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash—they have always come together to save the world.

In Avengers Endgame, the whole MCU came together to save the world though it was never enough for Doctor Strange. But you know it was painfully beautiful to see the MCU together finishing 10 years. The Justice League too never failed to entertain us. With DC’s messy timeline, viewers might find it difficult to love them just as much as Marvel but Justice League has always done justice to fans.

Woman characters of Superhuman World!

Black Widow was supposed to release on 5th of May, 2020 but as fate would have it we are yet to be blessed. The release date is now July 9, 2021 because of Covid-19. Also DC’s Wonder Woman 1984 aired on October 2, 2020. Now with the advent of the two most powerful women of Avengers and Justice League teams—Black Widow and Wonder Woman—it is of no wonder that the fans are reviewing all the previous movies to brush their memories about the intricate details.

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