Diving in the pool of anecdotal laughter; Life is ought to be enjoyed with a pinch of laughter.

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Telling the tales that had once been silenced amidst the vortex of life is a kind of rejuvenation of reliving the younger self that is exhilarating- funny and yet nostalgic-tragic on the same plain.

Tales telling truth

In the book, Untold Tales to Tell, Mr. Abhijit Chauhn has played around with his anecdotal memories in a manner that drives us to laugh and yet ponder about life. The book contains 50 tales fished out from his memories that he have experienced over the years. Mr. Chauhn weaves the tales in a manner by exercising his oratory skills in his writing that it brings out effortlessly. The panache with which he delivers the tales is enthralling to the senses.

Stories like the The Naughty Nightingale is narrated with humor infested tale where a certain principal of a school in rural India makes fun of himself as he is unable to put into usage his English speaking skills, and goes on to boast about it and what happens in the end will make you laugh till death.

Moral stories with laughs

The stories are sought in an educative tone with a pinch of mischief as Mr. Chauhn ends up with a moral at the end of every story—doubling up the humorous perspective. Having written in the conversational style the stories puts up the visual in accordance to a panoramic view of life and how the everyday foibles are something that cannot be avoided and lies deeply embedded in the human self. This makes the book to strive towards excellence as readers will stay hooked to the stories as the tales will linger on for a long time because they are relatable.

Having been the author of almost over 100 books, Mr. Chauhn makes usage of his narrative style in order to lead us to the myriad of humorous side of life. As Mr. Charles Spencer Chaplin had once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Mr. Chauhn lives up to that.

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