To tread on the itinerary formulated in relation to the order.

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What human beings want in this universe and what human beings eventually end up with —is an enticing line blurted out by Albert Camus in order to put forth the meaninglessness of life. The author Varsha Sharma has worked upon this thought by Camus by weaving her thoughts in an enthralling manner by making a quest—exploration of the unexplored.

Vedas and Puranas explaining science of our everyday life and practices

The multifaceted aspect that keeps us in motion pertaining to our everyday life and practices pushes us towards an abyss. This grows deeper and deeper as the mundane homogeneity of the humdrum passivity of life leads us to succumb.

To overcome such serious and impending dire constraints Varsha explores the beauty of life, and the mystery related to it. Having her interests in Puranas, and Vedas, she brings into play the cosmic order. It progresses into the path that shows the labyrinth where one might feel completely lost, and yet one might find their heart and soul getting connected.

Galaxy and Cosmos

Sharma plays with the cosmic order and the conundrum that binds us into a puzzling state of events. She pulls us out by guiding us into the path of reaching the soul, and yet creating a linkage with the mind. The Yugas and the Chakras are something that appears to be inseparable part of our being, and most interestingly Varsha is nowhere found to be lost in translation. On the contrary, she sets the thing in motion.

The lucidity of the language is another important aspect that strives to function as an advantage pertaining to the book. It keeps the readers hooked and goes deeper into the exploration of the variegated aspects of conscience. The paraphernalia of social order is nothing beyond cosmic order, and Varsha guides the readers to delve deep into it.

Having been at a consulting company for 35 long years, Varsha Sharma surely knows how to play her cards. At a time when the Hindu scripture and the cultural phenomena are fading into oblivion, Sharma brings a gamut of such aspects before the readers. This makes the book The Journey of the Soul a must read, especially for the ones who are interested in exploring the unexplored.

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About Author: Varsha Sharma is a 35-year-old independent woman working in a renowned consulting company. From the last couple of years, she has found herself enormously attracted to the hidden side of life. From an early age, she was very much inclined towards occult science and hidden secrets of the universe, which directly impacted the occurrences of this plane. She spent a lot of time reading Hindu scriptures (Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana) and understanding the universe’s patterns, which carry huge secrets and are the greatest treasures that we can ever understand!

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