Interpretation of the rhapsody of heart: Like a candle flame the poems flows in the currents of the air

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Have you ever felt the rain perched on earth for long leading the petrichor to emanate from the bathed soil?

Have you ever stood by the breaking dawn and heard the birds singing in broken melody?

Then this book is definitely for you; writing along the scattered lines of emotive sensibility. Mrs. Rajani Nair snowboards across the asphalt dreams of a certain individual named Darshan, and relates him to the butterfly vis-à-vis the darshan effect. Being immersed in the photographs propagating from the Instagram handle; the prompt was thus, generated for Mrs. Nair to work upon.  

Darshan’s effect on Mrs. Nair

Plunging in the Jigsaw of her solo starlight dreams leads the thudding heartbeat of the readers to delve deeply by ending up in the mystified speck pertaining to the sands of time. The Camaraderie with Darshan might have been a tete-a-tete of a little girl with the North Star. But the readers will be able to relate the poems like a musk rose that blooms amidst the darkened abyss, and that perhaps ascertains to exist as the beauty of life.

Rhythm of Love met Rhythm of Poetry!

The ensuing phenomena of the little-sacred love that Mrs Nair clings on to harboring for the person she holds dear to appear to be weaved in a manner like sand dunes of forgotten time that keeps coming back every now and then. Mrs Nair’s second book never fails to amaze us because of her understanding of poetry as it can be clearly seen that she breaks apart from the convention of maintaining a rhythm, meter, as well as a conceit and thereby creates a language of her own.

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About Author: Rajani Nair is a polyglot Malayali who was born in suburban Mumbai in 1974 and acquired her B.Com. degree from Mumbai University. As an IAF aspirant cleared her 07 SSC (Flying branch) SSB interview in 1995 but not her medicals. Over 18 years of experience in Training, Quality, Operations and Customer Service from working with major MNCs. Has been the ‘HOD of English and SSC (Std 3 to 5)’ since 2016. A ‘Poet by Chance’ is now a ‘Poet by Choice’. This is a dedication to Darshan Raval, based on his Instagram photographs. Each poem has a small note because I cannot use photographs. It is like a game – Find the Match! Enjoy raiding his Instagram and reliving the moments!

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