Long live love: Revolutionary ethos raged by warmongers can die out with a touch rendered by love.

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There can even exist the most confident of writers who can consequently be excused for wondering if words (i.e. mere black-and-white glyphs) can stand a chance or not. In regards to competing in an animated world. That is, in turn, filled with flashing, full-color effects-that are usually crammed.

Fierce and Defiant Voice of the Narrator retelling the Story of Fierce and Defiant Heroes

The highlight of this novel is the voice of the narrator. It appears to be self-deprecating at times, fierce and defiant. Yet, sad and vulnerable at times, however, is always interesting, smart, and fun to read. This is a heart-warming tale about Vikram, a handsome-well-built military man part of the Indian bomb squad, and Zing, a German Shepherd. This tale has been narrated in the form of flashbacks; that guide the readers to delve into the variegated-distinctive snippets of life.

Adventures of Vikram and Zing!

The novel asks a pertinent question: Is it us who take care of our pets, or do they take care of us? Thereby, Mrs Manisha Sharma has written this moving story of love and unwavering loyalty that crosses all barriers. This tale is insightful and often allows the readers to ponder about the solace that one might find in their pet. It is not only the emotional story of a dog and man but of a tale that forms the best of human relationships and the unbreakable bonds that can exist between man and man’s best friend.

This novel is a beautiful and moving and sheer product of Mrs Manisha Sharma’s artistry that she brilliantly weaves the thought of how love never dies. She evocatively portrays the fact of how our true friends always remain with us and that every creature on this planet is born with a purpose.

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