Fusion of mind and the body: In order to attain peace the connection in between the mind and the body must take place.

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The connection in between the mind and the body helps an individual to gain a control over his or her life. It is so because the psychology and the physiology happen to be interconnected. Therefore, the scientific and the philosophical side of life need to be pondered upon.

From a Life Coach to the World

The author Sahil Kumar Nagpal being a researcher himself recounts on the distinctive snippets of life offered through vignettes. Therefore, gaining an insight about the body and mind the functional aspect is considered in lieu of bewildering sensibility, and therefore can be used as a preamble in understanding life.

The book offers the discussion of Prana and Yoga by citing the ancient scriptures of Hindu rituals. It therefore provides a complete visual implication of how life can be taken with the ebb and flow of time. Since the author considers the desires of a person as a primal matter that needs to be taken into account, and therefore Mr. Nagpal does not drive us into a dubious pathway.

Life cannot happen beyond human desires…

On the contrary, he explains how each and every single person might have different desires therefore the solution offered to satiate the desires is not the same. The profound sensibility of life should be instilled time and again by mandating a meditating self. The book even goes on to state the functional aspects of the mind which ascertains to exist as the Akhankara.

Therefore, the response mechanism can be adapted in accordance to the situational aspect and quite brilliantly the author reiterates the notion of carpe diem—by living in the present, which makes the book a brilliant read.

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About Author: Sahil Kumar Nagpal is a researcher, life coach and corporate trainer. With thorough knowledge of modern science of physiology & psychology and with training of traditional Hatha & Tantra Yoga and Indian Martial Art called Sanatan Shastar Vidiya, he researches in various fields of paranormal sciences like Tantra, Vedanta, Sankhya, Nyaya, etc. that holds the secrets of true human potential and functionality of life.

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