Profundity: Snowboarding across the enticing profundity that life beholds

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The concept of an amusement park or funfair has strived over long since ancient times as it happened to thrive as one of the biggest sources pertaining to entertainment. Now, these amusement parks were literally set in big as well as small cities temporarily. This had various attractions for people ranging from all age groups. This is viewed as a complete extravaganza nonetheless.

Adventure mixed in Amusement

This is a tale of Rosy Kelly and Flora Bennett as the latter goes on to recount the experiences that she and her friend underwent in the scary town carnival. This is weaved as a sprawling tale of earthly wonders that have been seen through a wandering eye in The Magic Stones – Dark Dreams. Now, this is completely exquisite and has been told in a lyrical manner. This is clearly replicative of the interior as well as the exterior lives that Flora and her friend underwent.

This book is fascinating and certainly well-done; also exists as a very moving personal work, with the appearance and feel of still waters, running deeper and deeper and deeper. Delight, fancy filter through her reflections that create an immediacy at times that are in fact startling to the senses. It is clear that Yashvi is not writing for posterity but she is writing for herself. Rather than just setting the destination or allowing it to be her only objective, each ride they board upon and embark are made meaningful by the very act of arriving. 

Yashvi’s delightful language with extraordinary tale of fantasy world

The Magic Stones – Dark Dreams has an impressive and immersive collection of scenes of the contemporary amusement park—though a personal account but has still got the universal touch of every day which happens to be really extraordinary.

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