God exists in Us: Reading the holy scriptures, the facets are quite naturally embedded in our understanding

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The Quran appears to have been revealed almost about 1400 years back pertaining to prophet Muhammad. Thereafter it is revered by the Muslims and is furthermore considered as the word of god. Now, this is one masterpiece and the holy scripture is meant for each and every one irrespective of their gender, age, as well as class. The Quran by Akhtar A. Alvi is one of the finest available translations of this holy book in English.

Feel the essence in the language you and I understand!

This book has been written in the contemporary form of English. Other than that, minimal usage of cryptic language has been employed. Despite doing all of these the original eloquence pertaining to the scripture has been retained.

Now the author also goes on to explain the manner in which it has been segregated into different topics relating to easier reference. Thereby this book is instrumental in examining the issues concerning combativeness, intolerance, and oppression pertaining to women which have been mentioned in the Quran.

Read easily and gain Knowledge…

The book asserts, at various points, that how in itself is such a marvel that almost no human could have been able to produce any of it. It sometimes even acknowledges how hearers have scoffed at Mohammad’s utterance; the answer (again) appears to be that they will burn. In addition to this, Mohammad’s role also explains, in due course of time throughout the book’s exhortations to battle.

Both the layman readers and the scholars will be able to explore the deeper spiritual meaning relating to Quran, examining the grammar pertaining to difficult sections, and thereby exploring the ritual and legal teachings, theology, ethics, sacred history, as well as the importance pertaining to various passages in Muslim life.

The amount of knowledge & ️understanding that one will be able to gain from this holy book is unthinkable. Also, the references of Sahih hadiths that have been given are related to the respective verses of the Quran exits to be commendable and unbelievable.

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