This Memoir Is A “Mixture Of Autobiography And Fantasy”

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A Bitter-Sweet Childhood

“The Stranger Enunciated: One Life Is Enough” starts with the death of the narrator’s father. After his death, the narrator, his mother and his sister shifted to their maternal uncle’s village. But unfortunately, their uncle also passed away within a few months due to some unknown disease. Despite having four uncles, no one except for their great uncle wanted to help the family out. The family’s support system broke, they started facing major financial issues and had to move into a small mud house with a buffalo. The house was made out of mud, grass and dirt and needed to be repaired after every rainfall. Despite all these hardships, the narrator never complained of having a bad childhood, rather he mentioned how his mother used to day and night in the paddy fields and tried to fulfil all the necessities of her children. Despite all the hardships, the family struggled immensely for basic amenities like road, electricity, food and much more.

The narrator’s mother always wanted to educate him properly, despite being illiterate in the hope of a better future. His mother went to great lengths to educate him, which came with a huge amount of personal loss. In school, the author was a mediocre student, with a sharp brain and also had a keen interest in sports. In school, the narrator made friends with a guy, whose father owned a farmhouse and used to go to play in that farmhouse every evening. Also, one of the narrator’s neighbours bought an old, manual Russian projector and started screening old, black and white pictures. The narrator was a movie buff from his childhood, but his mother always restricted him to the screenings. That’s why the narrator and his friend started to take unfair means to go to the movies every single evening.

Is Future Prediction True?

After completing his College at GBP Polytechnic, Lucknow the narrator got himself a job as a Senior Panel Operator in Panipat and later on got promoted to Assistant shift engineer. One day, after completing his shift, the narrator went to a nearby tea shop to have some tea and found a stranger dressed in white dhoti and a small white towel meditating on a bench. After asking the shopkeeper about him, the narrator was told that man is a Spiritual Guru, Astrologer and Palmist.

The narrator asked the man about his destiny to which the man answered that there’s no need to know about the future troubles beforehand and told the narrator to come back the next morning. The narrator got surprised and walked out of the shop towards his scooter. But, even after multiple tries, the scooter did not start which got the narrator to think about whether that person actually knew about his destiny beforehand.

The stranger makes the argument that attaining something significant in life depends not only on hard work but also on fate. He talks about the nature of loving relationships, the significance of contrasts and versatility, and the distinction between love and dependence. The strange man’s tale and his prophecies of impending catastrophe in the protagonist’s life are mysterious.

Few Words About The Author

Dr. Pitam Singh is a chemical engineer who received his undergraduate degree in both engineering and social science from the University of Bath in the United Kingdom. He then went on to earn an MBA from George Mason University in Washington, D.C. In Panipat, he worked as an engineer and manager before joining the Planning Commission (now known as NITI Ayog) as a Senior Research Officer in 1991. He has worked for the Indian government for over 45 years, serving as deputy chief commissioner, joint advisor, and other positions. Pitam Singh is the author of four books. Apart from all these, he has also attended prestigious international conferences for World Bank, UN Conference, University of California, NUS, University of Unicamp etc.

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