“Is blood thicker than water?” – A review of My (Un)Biological Mother

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Necky Raj Singh wrote this book about her mother-in-law (Ma), whom she met as a child. Both Necky and Ma’s families had known each other for quite a long time and used to meet on several occasions. As Necky grew older, she began to develop feelings for Sahil (Ma’s son), and soon enough they proposed to each other. Both the families were overjoyed and supportive of the relationship. The families quickly began making plans for their engagement. The scorching heat prevented Necky from wearing a saree on the day of her engagement, to which Ma said, “We don’t have a problem doing Roka even in your capri but photographs achche nahi aaenge, so get some cotton patiala and hurry up.” The author was astonished at how open-minded and liberating ma was.

Sahil wanted to return to his hometown, Kolkata after finishing his MBA in Pune as he missed his mother terribly. And, he was fortunate enough to get placed in his hometown. Necky and Sahil finally decided to marry to put an end to their long-term long-distance relationship. When the author informed her family of her decision, they were not in favour as they wanted to take their time saving for a lavish wedding. Sahil and Necky both desired a simple wedding. Ma and Sahil’s father arrived at Necky’s house one day, and all four parents sat down to discuss what needed to be done. Ma tried to persuade Necky’s mother to have a simple wedding.

Life After Marriage

The story then progresses as Necky discusses how difficult her first year of marriage was. Soon after her marriage, she realized that managing a household is not an easy task, and she started admiring Ma’s efficiency in managing the household over the years. Necky followed in Ma’s footsteps in everything, and her life gradually became easier. She had her back no matter what. The author also mentioned how close she and her husband were to Ma, that they even took her to their “Family Moon”.

Some Connections Are Eternal

The family is everything that a happy family could be, but the real tragedy begins when Ma falls sick and is diagnosed with cancer. The rest of the story revolves around how they take care of her. There are also many other family problems involved apart from Ma’s illness. Even after a lot of effort and struggle, they could not save her. Necky says that her Ma may not be with them anymore but her values and teachings will always be there for the family. She concludes the book by saying how they coped with the biggest tragedy of their lives, and that there will always be a spiritual connection with Necky and her Ma.

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