Will This Technique End Corruption Worldwide?

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JP Gupta wrote about this amazing technology in his book “Honest With CIN?” that can help the government completely eradicate black money.

With 20 years of days and nights of hard work, JP Gupta invented a technique, which makes it impossible to escape tax. Using this technology, black money, tax evasion, corruption, and so on can be completely uprooted by up to 99.99 per cent not only in India but worldwide. Poverty, unemployment, terrorism, inflation, and high prices can also be reduced effectively. Within a year, all of the country’s black money will come back to the government, and the government will be forced to reduce tax rates by at least one-third. The government’s hundred per cent tax will be paid with complete honesty. No one will be able to use even a single penny of black money for cash purchases; if this occurs, the individual will be caught immediately.

This technology forbids anyone, whether a citizen or a business, from keeping a single penny as black money, evading a single penny in tax to be paid to the government, or engaging in any corrupt activity. This technology will ensure that the country’s economic activities are completely honest and transparent. No such technology has ever been developed till date which forces every dishonest person in the country to act honestly. If this technique gets followed, people will think twice before attempting any crime, financial scams, corruption etc.

This technology will ensure that all the country’s economic activities are completely honest and transparent so that the elections are conducted with complete honesty and in a transparent manner, with no useless expenses. It will also help the police and other secret agencies to gather information which is much ease, which eventually helps in protecting the government. All types of information about each individual will be available at the touch of a button, but with high security. If this technique is used, it has the potential to transform the entire country and make it better than it has ever been.

About The Author

JP Gupta is an ex-banker who made a unique technology which will make it impossible for any individual to escape the clutches of tax evasion, once the system gets implemented across the country.

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