Interview with Author Achyut Gopal Das

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Achyut Gopal Das is a practising monk, a life philosopher, a thought- provoking writer, a motivational speaker, a lifestyle mentor and a social activist. He leads an exemplary life with an adorable blend of ancient Indian wisdom and a modern outlook. His contributions carry deep insight and a profound perspective that adds freshness and sustainable happiness in the lives of people associated with him and his work.

  • Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Achyut Gopal Das. I am blessed to be born and raised in a pious, cultured and loving family. I am doubly blessed to be connected to a big and wonderful spiritual family from which I have gained immensely. In the last two decades of being an active part of this spiritual organisation, ISKCON, I have had the opportunity to serve the society in various capacities as an educator, a teacher, a counsellor and a motivational speaker. I have been able to spearhead massive social-welfare projects successfully like organising many big-scale educational events, organising inter-school contests to inculcate values in children in which more than 12,000 children have participated, constructing a building for promoting culture and education in Goa, distributing food to the poor and needy, supporting cow protection and organic farming. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to share the Vedic wisdom of India to thousands of people from all walks of life including students, corporates and housewives. In all these years, I have come to realise that true joy in life comes when one tries to serve others in a selfless spirit.

  • What do you think prompted you to write this book?

I never thought or imagined I could write anything meaningful, what to speak to writing a book. I guess it’s some grace from above that got me into writing. I feel that being a part of a spiritual organisation for nearly two decades and associating with its sincere practitioners ignited the spark of wisdom within me. Having been blessed to have access to such deep and sublime knowledge, I felt it is my duty to share it with the world in whatever capacity I can. And what better way to share one’s thoughts than through the medium of a book.

  • How long did it take you to write this book?

I took me few months to write this book.

  • Is this the first time you have been published?

Yes, this has been my first experience with publishing a book.

  • How has been the experience of becoming a published writer so far?

The experience and feeling of becoming a published writer is wonderful even though the journey to get there is not that easy. Holding the published book in your hand gives the feeling of having conquered an empire. It’s definitely worth the struggle. Probably because the journey to become a published author is a little difficult, it feels great at the end of it.

  • What is the most unique feature of the book?

This is a unique book which contains short but powerful thought sutras and meditations that raises one’s consciousness, helps one feel lighter and thus helps one experience higher levels of happiness.

  • There are many people like you who would want to become a published author. What advice would you like to give them?

The first advice is that one needs a strong and persistent desire to write and publish a book. I guess, it’s true with any project in life. Believe me, if the desire isn’t strong and persistent, things will not materialise. With strong desire, everything begins unfolding as if by miracle. My second advice is that one needs a courageous heart to become a published author. Publishing a book is definitely not for the faint-hearted. One needs to muster confidence in oneself and be ready for some raw adventure as one dives into an entirely new world.

  • What has been your schedule like in the months leading up to getting the manuscript ready for publishing? Did you follow any specific routine to write your book?

It has been hectic but fun. I didn’t follow any specific routine. I just kept myself focussed on whatever was needed to be done at different phases of the publishing process while keeping the end product in mind.

  • Do you plan to work on any new books in the near future? Would you consider shifting from the present genre?

Yes, I definitely have plans to write many more books. This is just the start of my journey as an author. My tiny contributions to the world, like this one, will be in the category of self-help and spirituality because I feel that this is what is most needed in the world.

  • How has 24by7 Publishing assisted you through the publishing process?

24by7 Publishing has been a great and timely support in getting my first book published. For new and inexperienced authors to have someone handhold you from the start to the end of the publishing cycle is great boon. The team at 24by7 Publishing has been very helpful, supportive and friendly. Very grateful to the entire team for coordinating with me.

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