Durga Puja 2020 and the ‘New Normal’

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Presently we all have been adapting to the ‘New Normal’ that has become a part of our lifestyle. The year 2020 has bought many challenges and hindrances that we all are facing and trying to cope up with. The Corona Virus Pandemic is something that shook the world after the ‘2009’ Influenza Pandemic or Swine Flu Pandemic. This COVID-19 pandemic has brought some drastic and permanent changes in our living style that is termed as the ‘New Normal’ and we all have to adhere to it. Now, the fact arises: though the ‘New Normal’ has become a part of our life, we are still struggling to adapt the same. Especially when it comes to ‘Masks’, the strongest weapon to fight against this infectious virus.

Masquerade yet not so cool!

Masks have become the armor that tends to protect us from the virus as these can be a preventive measure to stop the spread of the infection easily. Therefore, it can be regarded as the most important and required thing in this pandemic situation. Mostly, masks are worn by all of us when we are outdoors; however, wearing mask in itself is a ‘BIG THING’. Primarily, because some people find that it can lead to breathing problems when worn for a long time or some say that it causes skin irritation. Above all, the thing is that a mask messes with the eyesight and also causes the glasses to fog.

#StyleStatement #NewNormal

This can be really challenging for all of us. Particularly during the ‘Durga Puja’. As we all tend to look our best and be stylish and fashionable. Though a mask is already a necessary item in our list that we have to wear. Hence, we have to turn it in a ‘STYLE STATEMENT OR FACTOR’ for the Pujas. But these masks are creating a real fuss for many of us, mainly for those of us who wear glasses. However, recently a Japanese artist called Takahiro Shibata created a special kind of mask and blew the Internet by storm. He comes up with 3D ‘Ramen Face Mask’ that would initially prepared to prevent the fogging of glasses. However, though the actual reason or motto to resist the fogging of the glasses in the spectacles was not solved owing to the weight of that heavy mask. Because the mask was bowl-shaped and was made from felt and clay, which can basically hold all the ingredients of a noodle soup. Nevertheless, this perfectly stuffed mask made from cotton is surely a piece of innovativeness and deserves appreciation.

Similarly like this Japanese artist, we should also try and make some tricks to design an innovative mask with a little improvisation. Therefore, this mask can be the most trending and the latest style that can grab everyone’s attention especially for the Durga Puja craze. So, here is what you can learn from the Japanese artist to overcome the Cons of wearing a mask. We can definitely look fashionable and be trendy while half our face is covered with these masks during the Pujas! We all should enjoy the Pujas to the fullest like we used to do every year just by keeping the ‘NEW NORMAL’ mode on and being safe.

Publish India wishes you all a very Happy Durga Puja in advance!!!

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