Something Good in Bad

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Optimism is a doctrine that everything is favorable or a tendency to look at positive aspects of the events. It is the optimism of the human race that we are breathing and shining instead of all the hardships of time. Man has successfully travelled time from pre-historic ages to the modern era only by clinging to positivity. But today, when the world is under the gasp of the pandemic of Covid-19, optimism has become relevant and indispensable as never before. Coronavirus has not only shackled the economic graph of all the major countries but also disrupted the social life of the citizens. People are talking about the “New Normal”. But as we are moving forward with the “New Normal”, we must also retrospect about the “Old Normal” i.e. the pre-Covid-19 period, what were the problems in our lifestyles then and what valuable lessons have been taught during the outbreak of the pandemic. As the topic refers, there is always something good in bad.

Blessing in Disguise?

Several times, we were advised by intellectuals that “Health is wealth” but except a few followers no one had paid any heed to those words. Most of us were into the horse race with no finishing line to stop. The corrupted were busy in filling up their pockets keeping ethics aside, while the white collars were too occupied to earn wealth keeping health aside. The more the accumulation of wealth, the more happy were the masses. Surprisingly, the importance of health being above wealth, which could not be imparted by repeated advice, is rightfully taught by a micro-organism—Coronavirus. People have introspected and understood that wealth is a means to fulfill our basic as well as advanced needs, but it is incapable of providing us a healthy and risk-free life. We cannot fight the pandemic without endurance and stamina. Wealthy persons with abundant facilities were pushed into death while ironically a poor person with meager income and good body resistance survived the virus.

Health or Wealth?

Hygiene is another important lesson taught by Coronavirus. We have forgotten some basic healthy practices to avoid and control germs. During the pandemic, people regain their lost consciousness regarding hygiene. Washing hands thoroughly before eating, wearing face musk while riding to save ourselves from pollution and dust, cleaning up the surrounding area, avoiding spitting in public places, etc. are some of the new good practices in post Covid-19 time.

Family comes First!

The ancient Indian scriptures embed the idea of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakamwhich literally means, “the world is one family”. Unfortunately, the forces of westernization and modernization have subverted the very socio-cultural ethics of the idea of family. Members of the same family were dragged apart mentally and emotionally in the hectic schedule of mechanized life. But, due to Covid-19, most of the people have realized that there is nothing more precious in the world than the family. Many youngsters who lived far away from home for earning their living returned to their native places and are searching a handsome job nearby their hometown to be around their family. Humans revealed their true selves—some landed a helping hand to the needy, whereas some showed their opportunistic and greedy nature. People identified the true friends in time of need. The lost bonding between family and relationship between friends regained the charm and warmth due to the pandemic.

Last but not the least; the coronavirus has reminded the human race of their very fundamental duty i.e. ‘Care for the Mother Earth’. Nothing can be more resourceful and simultaneously devastating than the nature depending on how we treat it. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Humans had gone so blind after industrialization and modernization that the ecological balance of the planet has been disturbed. We, as the superior-most species, are to protect and preserve the other varieties of species; but ironically we took advantage of our biological advancement to satisfy our greed. Deforestation and pollution were at its height in pre-Covid-19 period. Many species are endangered due to our ignorance. The nature was extorted to get the highest benefits, caring least about the future generations. Fortunately, due to the Covid-19 virus, the nature breathed a sigh of relief. The natural beauty of the planet along with its flora and fauna is somewhat restored due to less interference by mankind.

The new post-Covid-19 world must learn to balance itself between health and wealth, between family and work, between nature and development. The ‘Good’ of habits which are taught by the ‘Bad’ of Coronavirus must be sustained and passed on to the future generations. The importance of health, hygiene, family, and nature must never be demeaned. The resources must be used judiciously to fulfill the present needs and successfully travel the journey of time with the ethics of sustainability and optimism.

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Myself Dipayan Singha, an engineering graduate in the branch of Electrical Engineering. Currently working in Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd.(APDCL) as Assistant Manager. Fond of writing articles.