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Harish Shetty is an upcoming author from Mangaluru, India. Before venturing into writing books, Harish used to write a blog about random topics and opinions under the handle @happiseeker. He has done considerable amount of creative content writing for various websites. Even though, Harish is an Information Technology professional, he finds meaning in channeling his creative energy by engaging in writing projects. He is an avid reader and enjoys both fiction & non-fiction.
Harish believes that a good author is one who can convey his thoughts to his reader using simple language. By employing sophisticated language to communicate a thought, there is a possibility that some of your readers may just lose you along the way, which is counterproductive.

  • Tell us something about yourself.

I am Harish Shetty and I live with my family in Mangaluru, Karnataka. I am an engineer by qualification and work as a Project Manager at a private software company. I love reading books, both fiction and non-fiction.

  • What compelled you to write this book?

This book came about as a surprise. Although writing and publishing a book was a dream from childhood, I never thought I had it in me. The maximum amount of writing I had tried before this was a blog where I had written a few posts about some chapters of my life. To be honest, those posts had garnered some good feedback from readers, which may have ignited the fire within me.

  • From how long have you been writing this book? What challenges did you face while writing?

I started writing the book in June 2018, before which we had done a few interview sessions with Sitar maestro, Ustad Rafique Khanji trying to gather information about his life, about his ancestors (Dharwad Gharana), and his musical journey.

Writing about Ustadji’s life meant we had to travel to all the places where he spent considerable periods of his life, including Dharwad and Panaji, and interviewing people from his fraternity to gather their perspectives. This was quite challenging.

  • What is the most memorable moment for you throughout the journey of the book?

When I handed over the draft manuscript to Ustad Rafique Khanji for his review and inputs, I was quite nervous. I was unsure if the manuscript would meet his expectations. After 2 weeks of no response from him, I was delighted to hear that he had loved the way I had presented his biography. He congratulated me on a job well done. That moment is unforgettable.

  • Is writing your hobby or passion?

Writing gives me an avenue to express my thoughts. Whenever I write something and put it out for people to read, their feedback means a lot. Whether it is positive and encouraging or a difference of opinion, I respect them in equal measure. For me, it means my thoughts have reached my audience and prompted them to express their opinion. For a writer, it is no less than a reward.

  • Are you planning to write again?

If I come across a subject or story worth writing, I would want to write again. But I don’t want to write just for the sake of writing something. No pressure! J Meanwhile, I intend to hone my skills by reading more.

  • Do you believe that when author dies a reader is born?

To be honest, I don’t necessarily believe in that. I’ve always believed that how much ever a writer tried to detach his narrative from his writing, the reader will always get a feeling that the work has the imprint of the author. The author lives through his work and can never die.

  • For you, what is literary success?

While being a bestselling author is something to aspire for, literary success is also about being able to delight your reader with your book. Even if you have sold only a few hundred copies of your book, I believe your book is a success if most of the people who have read it have loved your work so much that they have recommended it to their friends and family.

  • Do you have any piece of advice for the budding authors out there?

First of all, hone your writing skills by reading and take courses online. Start writing a blog, to begin with. Show your work to your close friends who will not judge you. Get constructive feedback to improve aspects that need work.

Remember, you don’t need a blockbuster these days to become a published author. With self-publishing options like 24by7 Publishing available, anyone with a decent manuscript can aspire to be an author.

  • What it’s like to be with 24by7 Publishing?

My journey as a first-time author has been delightful with 24by7 Publishing by my side. My heartfelt gratitude to the team at 24by7 Publishing, right from the folks I spoke to, when I was just exploring self-publishing options, to my editors, to the designer who designed the book cover as per my suggested theme, to the project manager who guided me at every step. The entire team was very helpful throughout the journey. When there were delays from my side due to the lockdown etc., they were very patient and considerate.

Thank you once again for your contributions to my journey.

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