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Author RAJ laxmi is a painter, dancer and is extremely fond of cycling. She has been awarded various accolades in drawing, painting and photography. She is a wanderer and she always tries to explore the places that she has never visited. She observes herself as “A Girl of her Own Dreams”. You can reach out to her at

  • Tell us something about yourself.

Myself RAJ laxmi. Born in Kodihara, Bihar and completed my academic education from Punjab. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession. I have qualified for National Sports Event twice in Handball (as a Shooter) and Athletics (800mtrs) conducted by K. V. Sangathan.
In 2011, also nominated as a participant for Bhaskar Women of the year 2011 in Art and Culture Section.
I even hold keen interest in Creative Paintings, specialized in Peepal Leaf Painting. I am fond of Cycling also. Awarded various accolades in field of Paintings and Drawings.

  • What compelled you to write this book?

I never dreamt of writing any book but yeah the best part of being a wanderer is meeting lots of people during one’s life. The book speaks more about them only. Struggles of life, specially taking a right decision at the right moment in which people are mostly caught in. Being in the judgmental society, their baseless justification over imperfections which actually never exist, prejudice biasedness, etc.

  • From how long have you been writing this book? What challenges did you face while writing?

I have written my first poem in 2018 December and since then I never looked back. I write usually when I feel like. While writing the most challenging part is language as I cannot express everything I feel in one language, thus I have written few in English while few are composed in Hindi only. I tried to translate the same but it’s never given the true meaning to the same.
Before this various author has published their book, how to streamline those poems which actually hits the reader’s mind and reader will get what I actually want to convey the meaning thereafter.

  • What is the most memorable moment for you throughout the journey of the book?

Well, I have two moments. First is when I have surprised everyone with my first writing and getting it published on ecommerce portals is one of the best moment.
Secondly, I used to read my book a number of times before it got published and every time I felt “Have I written this?” Every time I found this as the new book.

  • Is writing your hobby or passion?

Writing is neither my hobby nor my passion. Being an ambivert in the eyes of outsiders and introvert in real—I have written what my heart has spoken to me and what I felt that time.

  • Are you planning to write again?

It is uncertain currently. I not yet given any thoughts to the same. If there is any chances of writing any book it will not be in the poetic form then.

  • Do you believe that when author dies a reader is born?

What I Believe is whosoever the author is, the reader must not be influenced with the inclination, behavior or status she/he holds. I believe author should not hold any identity while articulating anything. Authors’ writings should be criticized or acclaimed as per their writings only.

  • For you, what is literary success?

For me literary success means the way you have written, what you actually wants the readers to understand and they actually get the same. Secondly, the book insist readers to mull over the facts “What makes the author to write all these.” “What Actually Author wants to convey through their writings.”

  • Do you have any piece of advice for the budding authors out there?

Well I find myself naïve in writing. I am not in position to give advice to my buddy authors right there but yeah what I can share is my experiences in the same. That is don’t focus on pages rather focus on content. What I believe is focus on writing, what actually you want your readers to hear out.

  • What it’s like to be with 24by7Publishing?

Being with my publishing partner ‘24by7Publishing’ I’ll definitely say I haven’t mistaken in choosing the right publisher for my book Imperfectly Perfect.
I feel that the book itself says louder about the efforts they have put in. The team I was engaged therein is very supportive and cooperative and ready to provide all possible solutions to make this book as best as possible.
Happy to associate with ‘24by7 Publishing.’

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