Interview with Author Sangita Aich

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Sangita Aich is a budding author from Mumbai, debuting with this book. She is a banker by profession and storytelling is her forte.

  • Tell us something about yourself.

It’s not easy to describe me in few words. There are days when you can call me a fitness freak and there are times when I describe the word foodie. I am a workaholic but super lazy at the same time.
I love to travel though the bucket list is yet to be ticked off.
I stay in Mumbai and I am a Bengali.

  •  Who inspires you for writing?

Writing is a mode of expression for me. May be because I speak less, I tend to write more. And there are so many stories around you. You just need to channel them through.
I want to mention about my parents and a friend Dr Priyanka Dey who is also an avid reader. Before making the final draft I got it proofread by her. In fact, all my friends have been very supportive since the time they have known me. My friend Sunidhi has always motivated and made me believe that I was good enough to get my work published. They have supported me by going out of the ways like I could never expect. I have been so fortunate to have inspiring people around me throughout. When people say they loved ‘Carnage of Desire’, I always feel obligated towards these people. My mentors and colleagues at workplace too have been very supportive.

I dedicate the book to my parents.

  •  What are the challenges you have faced during writing this book?

None of my stories were complete in the first place. All of them were written in fragments. I wrote them, changed those so many times. Finally, when I could complete each of them, I felt that the hurdle was won. Finding a publisher is the second biggest challenge while first is to create something that you feel would reach the readers like you want it to.
I am someone who criticizes my own stuff a lot. Today what I love would be something that won’t excite me anymore the next day.

  •  Does writing energize you or exhaust you?

It completes me.

  • Do you plan to work on any new books in the near future? Would you consider shifting from the present genre?

I am working on something at present. Hopefully it becomes something worth publishing.
I would not restrict myself to any particular genre. Whenever something constructive comes up and it excites me to edges, I will definitely give it a shot.

  • Is writing your passion or hobby?

It’s my passion.

  • There are many people who would want to become a published author. What advice would you like to give them?

Well I am a newbie too. But one thing that I would like to say is one should concentrate on writing the stuff well. Publishing will happen automatically. Now there are so many self-publishing platforms, so options are more. I think what people will look for is originality.

  •  What has been your schedule like in the months leading up to getting the manuscript ready for publishing? Did you follow any specific routine to write your book?

I mostly wrote on weekends. And if I had the story in mind, I wrote on weekdays after office. I just made sure that even if it was crap, I continue writing. I changed my drafts a lot of times but I did not stop writing because once you lose touch it is tough to get back in same way.
There is no specific routine as such but I think travelling and watching movies helped me to keep my mind clear and write the stuff better.

  • What is your idea of literary success?

If my story inspires even one person at some point in their life and if my characters can be related to, I will consider it a success. I want them to be remembered.

  • How has 24by7 publishing assisted you through the publishing process?

Without 24by7 Publishing I wouldn’t have been in this interview now. They are the reason why ‘Carnage of Desire’ is out in the market today.
‘Carnage of Desire’ is my first child and 24by7 Publishing has helped me throughout like a consultant does to a mother.
The cover picture, printing and copyrights formalities everything was taken care by them. I can never thank them enough.

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