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Bruhad Buch is a Futurepreneur who believes life is like a film where we decide the characters, plots, conflicts, resolutions, structures, scenes, dialogues and visuals the way we want to, which makes us who we are. He is a globally certified Design Thinking Practitioner, an ICF Accredited coach and the Founder of AUMASOLUTIONISTS.

  • Tell us something about yourself.

Hi, my name is Bruhad Buch and I am the Founder of AUMASOLUTIONISTS which is into Transformative Coaching, Business Consulting, Career Counseling, Leadership Development, Behavioral Training and Instructional Design. As a Design Thinking Practitioner and an ICF accredited Transformational Coach, my belief is that problems are moving targets and we can solve them with pure willing and by simply transitioning the way we think. Life is like a film where we decide the characters, plots, conflicts, resolutions, structures, scenes, dialogues and visuals the way we want to which makes us what we are. I have more than 10000 transformations to my credit and have been instrumental in helping businesses and individuals become their own version 2.0 by inculcating a growth mindset.

  • Who inspires you for writing?

Well, I have a very imaginative mind, and right from my childhood as soon as I observe things, those get translated to multiple visuals in front of my eyes and that’s what made me think of writing a book. To answer this question directly, I am my own inspiration. Needless to say, I have to give a lot of credit to my entire family, who, knowingly/unknowingly, supported me throughout this journey, because without their support, this would not have been possible.

  • What are the challenges you have faced during writing this book?

The biggest challenge was the climax. I changed it 5 times before I could finally close in on one. The second challenge was to decide between what storylines to include and which ones to exclude because you always want to put everything on your mind on paper, but that may take the reader’s interest away. So, making that choice was very, very tough. There is a belief among people which says ‘the bigger the book, the more exciting it is’. So, busting that myth and sticking to my storyline and my belief was a huge challenge. Another challenge was to create a storyline that was niche. There are so many thrillers out there, in the form of books and movies, so how do I engage the readers by keeping the storyline fast, consistent and give it the twists that readers love to get amazed with, but can’t unlock the mystery, till the very end. That’s what made my journey of writing this book exciting and I really hope that the hard work I’ve put in this book excites the readers as well. I’ve already been getting some very good reviews on the book which is highly encouraging and I really do hope that all those who are reading this interview, can grab a copy and enjoy the experience.

  • Does writing energize you or exhaust you?

It totally energizes me. I fall in love with the characters and that’s why when I finished the manuscript, I couldn’t wait for it to hit the bookstands because I wanted every reader to visualize this journey exactly the way I have. I can visualize these characters live when I’m writing which is what makes it very exciting for me. What energizes me more is a great experience that the reader gets after reading the book. That excitement keeps me energized while writing books.

  • Do you plan to work on any new books in the near future? Would you consider shifting from the present genre?

Excellent question. I do plan to continue with a similar genre for a sequel that I have in mind and will begin writing soon. However, you would’ve figured out from my introduction, that I do a lot of work which is a part of the Non-Fiction segment, so I do plan to share my knowledge in the form of a book soon. However, my first love is mystery/suspense thrillers and fast-paced action-oriented books so I would love to continue with this, but yes, I wouldn’t mind shifting to another genre if there is a storyline that is in line with my thought process.

  • Is writing your passion or hobby?

Passion. It started off as a hobby which led me to write a lot of blogs, because I dreamt to be a published author someday. Now that I’ve completed this book, I feel like writing more and more by re-fuelling my imagination. It’ll be very exciting to see a movie/web-series, based on this book of mine, that can entertain the audience and make my visualization come to life. So yes, it’s definitely my passion.

  • There are many people who would want to become a published author. What advice would you like to give them?

Well, all I can say is follow your instinct and don’t go by what others tell you or instruct you to do. Your story is unique in itself because it is a figment of your imagination. Get it out there and let your readers decide the fate of your imagination. Everyone has a unique experience and what worked for others, may not work you and what will work for you may not work for the others. So, believe in yourself, your imagination and let the world witness the magic that you produce through your words in the form of your published book. Just go for it!!!

  • What has been your schedule like in the months leading up to getting the manuscript ready for publishing? Did you follow any specific routine to write your book?

It’s been abstract. I finished the majority of the book over a period of time and was only left with the last 2 chapters of my book, which went through 6–7 iterations over a period of 2 years, because I wasn’t convinced with the climax. When I finally nailed the right climax, which I thought was apt, I revisited the entire manuscript twice before finalizing it and finally publishing it. As far as routine is concerned, I’m an abstract thinker, so when I observe something and it clicks, I add it to a virtual notepad that I maintain and then when I get time, I transfer those thoughts into the book. So, there’s no real structure that I follow, it’s mostly instinct.

  • What is your idea of literary success?

For me, literary success is associated with the RoE, which I call the Return on Experience. Every author would love to have his/her work acknowledged in the form of good reviews and appreciation. While there is a commercial side to this, I believe that if the people whom I have managed to reach out through this wonderful medium, which is my book, manage to remember me as a person who delivers great content through his books—be it fiction or non-fiction—that’s where my satisfaction levels will be at an all-time high. Those who read the book, should at the end feel satisfied with their investment in the book and get their Return on Experience. Be it the reading experience, or a visualization of the characters from their perspective, or motivation to do something (if it’s from a different genre), or feel excited, or even something as simple as bringing a smile on their face, anything that touches their lives positively delivering the RoE for the reader, will be a great achievement for me as an author. That is what literary success means to me

  • How has 24by7 Publishing assisted you through the publishing process?

It’s been a very interesting journey with 24by7 Publishing. The team is super active and ready to answer your questions on the go. Their process is absolutely transparent, which makes me feel confident, as an author, and increases the trust levels manifold. The team delivers quality work based on your requirements and the error free turnaround time is just amazing. I have had a lovely experience working with them and I am very sure that I will continue to partner with them for my future books as well. I am sure, if you partner with them, you will not be disappointed.

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