It’s All about Winning Hearts, Not the Cup: World Cup 2019

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Yes, it is true… it is true that India’s loss is heartbreaking for her fans all around the globe. But it is also true that there is more to rejoice in their fight than their loss to a better team at the end of the day.

An Eye Opener

Let’s be brutally honest about a few things. Many among us were expecting India to rocket to the finals and bring the Cup back home, and it seemed almost within our grasp this time. There will be countless analysis and debates on how the loss came about for the Men in Blue; but the point is, in defeat, we have probably come across some of the greatest of our strengths! However, we are not connoisseurs of the game; we only seek to speak about what may appear to the eyes of a layman.

To start with, Kane Williamson and his team did an outstanding job on the field. The combination of agility and composure worked its magic for the Black Caps. The Indian top order toppled under New Zealand’s superb bowling attack. Soon enough, there were sparks of hope when M.S. Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja ruled the pitch with their 116-run partnership. M.S. Dhoni’s run out by Martin Guptill dealt a death blow and Jadeja’s wicket in the 48th over summed up the end.

The Love beyond Loss

What are the good things that came out of it? Let me tell you. First, Ravindra Jadeja emerged as a warrior; a man who stood with everything he had till his last breath. His performance replied well to Sanjay Manjrekar’s ‘bits and pieces’ comment. If you consider the broader picture, his batting can serve to be a perfect example of how to perform well under pressure. Second, there’s no alternative to teamwork. Many say that the entire burden of the first four early dismissals fell on the middle order which led to an eventual collapse. This time around, the team will have a greater chance to improve their line-up for the future. And last but not least, it warms the heart when the fans and senior cricketers come out in support of their team in such trying times.

Toward A Better Tomorrow

It feels good to see that Rohit Sharma’s tears will not be accompanied by mobs of men burning images of the team back in India; it feels good to think that the supporters are just as much heartbroken as the players, and they are standing beside each other in their times of need.

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