Face to Face with BJP Activist Sumantra Maiti

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Ask anyone from Bengal and they will tell you that political acumen runs in their blood. Over the course of decades, the political trends and practices have undergone massive changes in West Bengal. Although the erstwhile left bastion had been conquered by Mamata’s brigade a few years back, the BJP seems to be ready to make inroads in the politics of the state.

Publish India caught up with the famous BJP activist, Sumantra Maiti, from West Bengal. Over the course of an intense discussion, which had its own light-hearted moments, Mr. Maiti discussed his views on the present political scenario, the use of information technology, his personal take on ‘sabka vishwas’, Yogi Adityanath, and many more.

Find out all about how the activist thinks regarding matters related to violence, goondom, political murders, and the communal disharmony blooming in different corners of the nation. However, you might just want to keep your eyes fixed on the interview if you wish to explore the comical side of Indian politics. From Rahul Gandhi to Mamata Banerjee, he has an advice to every one of them. Go ahead and enjoy. Keep watching and keep supporting Publish India.


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