Jhontu Da Bengal’s Walter White? Rahasya Romancho – Bengal’s Breaking Bad

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Season 1

Recently, I had read a few social media posts praising about Rudranil’s character named Jhontu da and his garage. Garage? Really? I kept ignoring but updated my mental watchlist for my upcoming Hoichoi subscription.

Honestly, I was disappointed with season 1 (please read till the end). It seemed a little average to me – kind of the visual version of Sunday Suspense. Average thriller/suspense stories with predictable endings. Cliched-story-lines yet ok to get praised by the average audience. A one-time watch. Period.

But wait.

After experiencing an average web series as season one of Hochi’s Rahasya Romancha Series, I tried the season 2.

And, what a smart touch! My expectations were exceeded.
Quite enjoyed watching the inception and prequel of the character Jhontu! Then the legacy of Jhontu da started building up on-screen. We were then told the story of generations of Jhontu da’s like The Phantom (Choloman Osoriri)!
And, you cannot stop praising the commercial nail-biting elements like Kalo Nekre (reminds me of the cheap yet the super-popular legacy of the Bengali thriller writer Swapan Kumar)!
With entertaining twists in the plot and controlled burning in the execution, I had to salute the character Jhontu Da. Maintaining dual life, protecting own middle-class family, double-crossing, fatherly-revenge – there were multi-point entertainment quotients.

Is Jontu Da really Bengal’s Walter White?

It might really not be such an enormous detailed work like Breaking Bad. I agree it may sound a little silly to compare Jhontu Da with Walter White.
But, if you compare existing Bengali thriller/crime series’ we have available on our plate in the current time, I will not shy away to call it Bengal’s Breaking Bad.
Rudranil – you have ensured that you will be now considered immortal with this character. You can now ignore the silly race of becoming Felu da or Byomkesh. You have secured your immortality.

And finally, the director Abhirup Ghosh – you are ready to rock the commercial audience.

Bring us some more. Maybe this time you can spend more time to take it to the national level. Just imagine, if SRK plays the role of Jhantu da!!! Goosebumps!

Image courtesy of No copy right claim. Fan Art (Credit to Hoichoi and AMC)


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