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A good maneuver can be none other than this. It never harms but helps. It increases our proficiency, potential, knowledge, efficiency, and so on. What maneuver are we talking about exactly? It’s none other than ‘EDUCATION’.

Gandhiji once said, “By Education I mean all-around development, drawing out of the best in the child-man body, mind and spirit.” Education is definitely a hefty term which we put in Drawing, Dance, Music, Sports, Values, and so on. It helps us to travel those paths which we dream about. On the contrary if we talk about formal education, then unequivocally we can say that it’s a force which can turn the motionless wheel.

At this time, when the world is going through the biggest ever existential crisis due to the galloping COVID-19, none of us is certain about how the future is going to turn out. But, the menacing time can be tide over and the graph can be reversed as of now to a positive direction. To get the better of the situation, herculean task has to be done. What is it? The Vaccination to fight against the pandemic, which is called for by all the nations recently, can be engineered only by ‘Education’. A nostalgic view says, “That period was also a dream when humans thought to go to space and design the spacecraft.” That was realizable only through Education. The tree of dreams bore fruits only with nourishment of Education. Every nutshell was broken to achieve the dream. Why not now? Beyond doubt it can be assured that definitely a good quest can way out.

In tad, initiatives are being taken; one such is ‘LOCKDOWN’. In this period when people are bound within the four walls and step out only for their needs, the time can be better put into use to acquire more knowledge and be optimistic for a better future. Acquiring ‘Education’ or being a sophophilic can rescue us from the dark times. It can prevent our lives from coming to a complete standstill. Abundant sources such as Books, Articles, Magazines, E-learning, etc. can be harnessed on one hand to educate ourselves about the preventions and precautions to be followed to control the malicious outbreak of Coronavirus and on the other hand to capitalize the hobbies to pass the leisure time without frustration.

It is rightly said that ‘an investment in knowledge pays best Interest’. Human Beings can grow prosperous and be productive by getting educated. What we were yesterday can be better tomorrow with Education.

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Apurba Roy

Apurba Roy Profession: Accountant & Tax practitioner. Outside the office, I'm committed to Education and always look to brush up my language skills & write something interesting. Values:Believes in integrity & Honestly.