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Did you know that our minds have a direct connection with the way we write?

Grapho analysis is the science of studying a person’s handwriting traits and analyzing his/her character in detail through the strokes in the written text.

The science of Grapho analysis goes back to around 2000 BC in the times of Aristotle, when he discovered the relation between the human mind and their handwriting.

The popularity of Grapho analysis picked up only a few decades ago when this science started getting widely accepted as an aid in recruitments, guidance to students/teachers/parents, career counseling and last but not least, self-improvement.

Employing this analysis helps a person to decipher every trait and unique aspect of one’s personality:

  • Intelligence
  • Keenness to learn
  • Friendliness, loyalty
  • Emotional chart
  • Frankness or secretiveness
  • Determination, enthusiasm
  • Self-confidence
  • Short-tempered or cool, egoistic
  • Sensitive
  • Engineering ability, organizing ability, imagination &creative power
  • Initiative level
  • Ambition, willpower
  • Dishonesty, greed
  • Concentration power, precision
  • Independence
  • Resentment…& many more….

Analysis of human character is just the first part, but most important and interesting is GRAPHO THERAPY. It is a scientific method used to enhance the Positive traits effectively and overcome the Negative traits, none other than by making simple changes in the strokes of one’s handwriting.

The results are simply amazing. You start experiencing the desired changes and improvements in about 2–3 weeks’ time by diligently practicing the necessary strokes for just 5–10 minutes a day!!!

Here are 2 examples of strokes which depict some important traits:

Deep t-bars from left to right depicting strong willpower

Looped t and l shows sensitivity.

More examples are given in the next article. Remember, traits considered individually do not have much relevance. Entire traits as a combination depict the true personality of a person.


Know the character traits of anyone by the proven science of handwriting analysis!

We can detect the negative & positive character traits of a person by analyzing his/her handwriting. They are as follows:

  • Intelligence
  • Keenness to learn
  • Friendliness, loyalty
  • Emotional chart
  • Frankness or secretiveness
  • Determination, enthusiasm
  • Self-confidence
  • Short-tempered or cool, egoistic
  • Sensitive
  • Engineering ability, organizing ability, imagination & creative power
  • Initiative level
  • Ambitions, willpower
  • Dishonesty, greed
  • Concentration power, precision
  • Independence
  • Resentment
  • Many other individual traits

The character of a person is the combination of such traits; it is very difficult to judge the same in short meetings and interviews.

Very useful for the following individuals:

  • Corporates/Placement Consultants
  • Parents/teachers/students
  • Matrimonial/matchmaking experts
  • Investigation agencies
  • Simply self-improvement

GRAPHO THERAPY, as it is popularly known, is the process through which the character of a person can be changed by changing a few strokes in the handwriting. This counts as the most incredible aspect of this science! What is required is a scanned copy of a full page of handwriting followed by a signature. We will provide a detailed analysis of the character traits, along with suggestions.


Letter 1

Hello Naveen ji,

U r doing a great job

I have found a great change in myself after following the therapy. I was having capabilities but could not do anything I used to leave work in between after starting it…. With the useful therapy with minor changes in the strokes as guided by naveen ji, I was able to overcome my weaknesses and definitely was able to succeed….. I wish many students who are in the state I was and whatever makes them left behind should take this therapy.

Thank u naveen ji… Wish u great success… This reply, feedback is because of persistence stroke I practiced!!

Dr Abha Gupta

Letter 2

Hi, One month back my Graphotherapy done By Mr. Naveen Toshniwal and I started practicing of strokes as suggested.

It was nice experience & Glad to share i improved my confidence level and able to set my goals. I already started working towards it. I have started my Pvt Ltd. Company & i am very thankful to this club and Mr. Toshniwal for such wonderful technique of self development..

Satish Pangavhane

Letter 3

From: Anupam

Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2013 7:23 AM

To: Get your character analysis done

Dear Naveen,

In my school days, I had one class on analysis of character. It was our favorite subject and was taught by a Belgian Father. From that time, I was interested in character analysis. The only potent weapon we have is our character and analysis helps to amplify the best and negate the worst.

Later on I studied astrology. But the conflict of the eastern concept of moon sign being the determinant and sun sign for the West created lots of confusion. Add to that cusps and ascendant.

Numerology also was confusing. Name and date of birth gave you two different characters.

Handwriting analysis was always intriguing. I have read in many detective novels how the nature of a person can be judged based on his writing.

Your analysis based on my writing was a face-off. It was like meeting my own self. In a mirror where you can see yourself with full clarity. All nooks and crannies exposed along with the goodies. It was remarkable, the way I was exposed based on how I write. Even though we never had the chance of meeting each other, it felt like you have known me all along. Some things were revealed that I knew about myself and some I had never imagined at all.

Thanks a lot. I am following your suggestions and that will work out too, I know.

Carry on the good work!

Anupam De.

Letter 4

I had met Naveen bhaiya when I went to jaipur last month.

He just mentioned about grapho-therapy and I was so impressed by what he said that I was determined to do the therapy. I was in a very depressed state of mind. My parents were not well. I was not well and was full of negativity.

He told me to make few changes in my handwriting and the results were remarkable. Within few days I had become positive, optimistic and a happier person. I don’t know the reason but everyday i would want to write and do my therapy properly. One can himself feel the changes within a very short time.

I am thankful to Naveen bhaiya for teaching me such a wonderful technique for self improvement.


Image courtesy of Abhishek Nath | Publish India™

Naveen Toshniwal

I specialize in grapho analysis & therapy, reading character through handwriting. Then suggest small changes in strokes of handwriting for self improvement