Sri Lanka Goes into Mourning as Death Toll Climbs to 310

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April 23, 2019; Tuesday.

The world watches quietly as Sri Lanka observes a national day of mourning. It is being held in memory of the people who lost their lives in the Easter Sunday bombings across the churches and hotels of the nation. Eight explosions ripped through the country on Sunday.

A 3-minutes’ silence was held at 8:30 am today before the opening of the parliament.

Till date the death toll has risen to 310 while the total number of wounded stand at 500.

A state of emergency has been enforced in the country. Security personnel and the forces of the nation have been given special powers to carry on their investigation to bring the perpetrators to book. 31 foreign nationals have also been killed. 40 people have been arrested so far in connection to the blasts.

The day of mourning is being held along with mass funeral. It took place at St. Sebastian’s church in Negombo which was targeted in the Sunday blasts.

The Government’s Stand

The government of Sri Lanka has blamed the National Thowheed Jamath (NTJ) for the bombings. However, no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks so far.

Though the NTJ has no history of carrying out such barbaric attacks, yet it came into focus last year when it desecrated several Buddhist statues.

The government has also blocked access to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram after the terror attack.

It is also being stated that the higher authorities had been informed of an impending attack, but the warnings were probably ignored.

We are yet to receive updates on further developments regarding the terrorists who carried out this brutal attack.

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