When Virat Kohli Turned into Santa Claus

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While people complain about Virat Kohli being adamant and a snob, he proved how big a man he is. With Christmas around the corner, Virat brought gifts and laughter for the kids in a shelter home in Kolkata on 21st December, 2019.

From Marvel to Cricket!

When asked whom they want to meet this Christmas, the kids of the shelter home, being Marvel fans, wanted to meet Spiderman, Black Panther and Captain America. When asked about their favorite sportsman, some replied Dhoni, some PV Sindhu, while others wanted to meet the kick-specialist Cristiano Ronaldo. Few mentioned Virat’s name and one even gave reason that Virat’s beard is his favorite.

Star Sports, this year, brought smiles on the faces of some shelter home kids by sending the heart-throb Virat Kohli as Santa Clause to surprise the kids. Our Santa’s black beard turned white and silky with a big tummy. He was clad in red Santa clothes. The kids were watching the video clip showing them disclosing their wishes when the lights went off and Virat entered clad in Santa costume.

Thus Virat Turns A Superhero!

As Captain America is a retired old man, Black Panther is busy saving Wakanda and Spiderman is unable to finish his holiday task from school, Virat showed up to make their ordinary gloomy life Christmas-y! Although the kids were disappointed to hear that their day won’t be marvelous, burst into laughter when Santa showed up and presented the gifts. However, the kids didn’t know yet that it was Virat behind the white beard and Santa costume. When Virat disclosed his identity, the kids got overwhelmed and hugged him. Virat spent the whole day with them celebrating Christmas early this year.

Publish India wishes you all a Merry Christmas in advance!!!

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