War like a warrior, save like a savior, history will never see such a brave behavior

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Everyone knows his families sad strife struggle for Sarabjit Singh’s freedom, but there will be very less sung songs for the women in chief who endangered her life for her brother’s freedom. Fighting all odds trials and tribulations this women fought relentlessly for nothing less than 22 years to hear it say “No” from all corners and caves.

Dalbir Singh sister of Sarabjit Singh waged a war like a warrior to be a savior to her younger brother who lived just across the border but was not able to get him back as there was no high officials order ,but she never took a step back and left her fighter behavior go under cover. She is a torch to her family and one and all, “you can die” but “hope in you never dies” she fought and banged her head and read that there is no use for her path and the tread, but she kept on going no matter whatever and wherever it lead and promised to herself that will never give up till she is dead. Today we all grief with her as her fight was ended with a body and a corpse wrapped in a flag and got a 21 salute but she was not able to get from peoples head the pollute “that borders are man-made and there can be no borders on the blood veins and no one can separate our human reins” .Her struggle story will be an inspiration today and tomorrow for generations. There are many motivational stories to inspire aspire us in our day to day life but this is a story of a sister whose strength ,took her to meet her brother across the border for long length.

The gut and the grit did not give a pass to fails and falls and even losing her brother she did not stop the fight and is taking care of all the prisoners in prison in India and trying hard to re-unite them with their families across border.

We all fight many battles in our day to day life and wish to be victorious at the end, but there are few who would after such a long battle receiving nothing but the dust of her brother would dare to dedicate her life to raise placard to discard politics and march forward to save few and re-unite them with their families .Hence I salute the women power and her inner turbulence which she has tide over and trying to make a small difference in her life and in the whole world.

“Lastly To Win A game is Ordinary , But to win A Lost Game is Extraordinary”……….though her brother stands no more with her but the efforts to make many brother stand beside their sisters and the strife to strike the order is genuinely an effort Extraordinary…..



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Jhuma Goyal

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